Teresa Margarita Herrera y Pedrosa was born in A Coruña on 10 November 1712. She was known as “Teresa dos demos” (Teresa of the demons in Galician), as she was considered to be a “meiga” (an evil witch in Galician). She had a very hard life. When her mother was widowed and left with ten children (seven of them would die young), she abandoned her home at an early age, dedicating the rest of her life to help the underprivileged. In 1789, Teresa Herrera donated her property to the congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows to carry out her lifelong dream of founding a charity hospital in the city; its first stone was laid two years later.

Thanks to this commendable mission, and with the help of the Local Charity Board, a football event was created in 1946 that sought to channel social solidarity in a time of hardship. The idea was to provide economic relief to those that needed it the most through a great football tournament; a brilliant idea for its time and a precedent in the economic maximization of this sport. The philanthropic spirit of the new tournament could not have had a better name than the historic benefactress of A Coruña. The first match was held on 31 July and the result was Sevilla 3 - Athletic 2.

But the binomial Teresa Herrera/A Coruña makes no sense unless it is completed with its third part, RC Deportivo. Although at first the tournament rules prohibited the participation of the Club from A Coruña, with the intention of safeguarding the tournament's originality, as time went by, the complete opposite thing happened, to the point that the Branquiazuis have become the main attraction of this competition. Deportivo was the team that had participated the most by the Teresa Herrera's 45th edition. There has always been an important conflict in the city, and mainly at the end of the 80s, where some people thought that it was more important to have top teams participating, and others that believed Deportivo's participation was essential. A debate which, at the end of the day, one can see the high level that is traditionally required for this competition.

However, it is a fact that Teresa Herrera’s organisation has always had Deportivo at hand, including those crucial moments, like in September 1962 when the tournament was still not completely arranged, and they had to urgently resort to the Branquiazul Club to play against Benfica in order not to cancel the tournament. Funnily enough, that improvised edition on September the 9th, became one of the Trophy’s most legendary matches in which Eusebio’s Benfica (who had won the European Champion Clubs' Cup four months earlier), were defeated by Montalvo, Veloso, Ruíz and Jaime Blanco’s goals (4-2).

70 different teams have competed in the Teresa Herrera, thus, making it a genuine international milestone of summer football in which teams proudly come just to participate. Spain, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Uruguay, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Mexico are the countries that make up the history of this Impressionist painting of world football that is Teresa Herrera.

The Teresa Herrera is custodian of Galicia's most ancient cultural traditions. A magical pairing between Coruña’s jewellers and Compostela’s silversmiths has crystallised the Trophy’s history. None of the oldest official trophies can boast of so many original features. In fact, even in materialistic times, making this precious trophy every year, and for a friendly, can seem like an extravagance. However not in this case; because the Teresa Herrera Trophy not only forms part of the city’s history, it is also the living essence of it and there lies the key to its longevity.

The 50th edition’s trophy is without a doubt a one-off masterpiece. It took 2,400 hours, 7.4 kilos of gold and 32.7 of silver to make a spectacular hybrid of the two traditions of the Teresa Herrera, the trophies, the most valuable one was kept until the 24th edition, and the towers from that edition onwards. It is said that in a hypothetical auction, the trophy would go for about a million euros.

In any case, this is just talk, because the value of the Teresa Herrera Trophy is incalculable. As universal culture heritage, it speaks for itself and deserves a place of honour among the finest in the Louvre, Hermitage or British Museum. The Teresa Herrera is something Galicia can be proud of, a luxury for A Coruña and, after seventy four editions it has become much more than a work of art.


Year Champion    Final res.    Finalist Third Fourth
1946      Sevilla 3-2 Athletic Club
1947 Athletic Club 3-2 Vasco da Gama
1948 Barcelona 2-1 Porto
1949 Real Madrid 2-1 Racing de Paris
1950 Lazio 3-1 Atlético de Madrid
1951 Barcelona 4-2 Young Boys
1952 Valencia 2-1 Olympique de Roubaix-Tourcoing
1953 Real Madrid 8-1 Toulouse
1954 Sevilla 3-2 Helsingborgs
1955 Deportivo 4-1 Athletic Club
1956 Atlético de Madrid 4-1 Köln
1957 Vasco da Gama 4-2 Athletic Club
1958 Nacional Montevideo 2-1 Flamengo
1959 Santos 4-1 Botafogo
1960 Sevilla 2-1 Newcastle United
1961 Sporting Lisbon 3-2 Stade Reims
1962 Deportivo 4-2 Benfica
1963 Monaco 3-2 Vasco da Gama
1964 Deportivo 4-0 Sporting Lisbon Porto Roma
1965 Atlético de Madrid 2-1 Vitória de Setúbal
1966 Real Madrid 2-0 Deportivo
1967 Racing de Ferrol 3-0 Celta de Vigo Deportivo Pontevedra
1968 Vitória de Setúbal 2-1 Rapid Wien
1969 Deportivo 1-0 Nacional Montevideo Charleroi Bayern Munich
1970 Ferencvaros 0-0 San Lorenzo de Almagro
1971 Red Star Belgrade 3-1 Deportivo
1972 Barcelona 2-0 ADO Den Haag Deportivo
1973 Atlético de Madrid 2-1 Spartak Trnava Ujpest Dozsa Ajax
1974 Peñarol 3-2 Borussia Mönchengladbach Barcelona Atlético de Madrid
1975 Peñarol 3-3 Cruzeiro Atlético de Madrid Stoke City
1976 Real Madrid 2-0 Cruzeiro PSV Eindhoven Peñarol
1977 Fluminense 4-1 Dukla Prague Real Madrid Feyenoord
1978 Real Madrid 2-0 Flamengo Fluminense Deportivo
1979 Real Madrid 1-0 Sporting de Gijón Honved West Bromwich Albion
1980 Real Madrid 3-1 Sporting de Gijón Porto Flamengo
1981 Dinamo Kiev 1-0 Atlético de Madrid Barcelona Deportivo
1982 Dinamo Kiev 4-1 Barcelona Bayern Munich Inter de Porto Alegre
1983 Athletic Club 1-0 Peñarol Real Madrid Dinamo Kiev
1984 Roma 2-2 Vasco da Gama Manchester United Athletic Club
1985 Atlético de Madrid 1-0 Porto Fluminense Real Madrid
1986 Atlético de Madrid 1-0 Santos Sao Paulo Real Madrid
1987 Benfica 1-1 Deportivo Sporting de Gijón Everton
1988 PSV Eindhoven 3-1 Atlético de Madrid Liverpool Real Sociedad
1989 Bayern Munich 4-1 Steaua Bucharest Real Madrid PSV Eindhoven
1990 Barcelona 2-0 Benfica Bayern Munich Deportivo
1991 Porto 1-0 Deportivo Ajax Real Madrid
1992 Sao Paulo 4-1 Barcelona Peñarol Deportivo
1993 Barcelona 1-0 Sao Paulo Deportivo Lazio
1994 Real Madrid 1-0 Deportivo Sampdoria Porto
1995 Deportivo 2-0 Real Madrid Flamengo Benfica
1996 Botafogo 4-4 Juventus Deportivo Ajax
1997 Deportivo 2-2 PSV Eindhoven Atlético de Madrid Vasco da Gama
1998 Deportivo 2-0 Lazio Real Madrid Atlético de Madrid
1999 Celta de Vigo 1-0 Boca Juniors Corinthians Deportivo
2000 Deportivo 2-2 Lazio
2001 Deportivo 2-1 Real Madrid Peñarol Cruz Azul
2002 Deportivo 1-0 Cruz Azul Atlético de Madrid Nacional Montevideo
2003 Deportivo - América Mexico Nacional Montevideo
2004 Deportivo 3-1 Atlético de Madrid Zaragoza Sporting Lisbon
2005 Deportivo - Nacional Montevideo Peñarol
2006 Deportivo 3-1 Milan Atlético de Madrid Nacional Montevideo
2007 Deportivo 2-1 Real Madrid Belenenses Atalanta
2008 Deportivo 2-1 Atlético de Madrid Cruz Azul Sporting de Gijón
2009 Atlético de Madrid 1-1 Deportivo
2010 Newcastle United 0-0 Deportivo
2011 Sevilla 1-1 Deportivo
2012 Deportivo 2-2 Atlético de Madrid
2013 Real Madrid 4-0 Deportivo
2014 Deportivo 1-0 Sporting de Gijón Sporting Lisbon Nacional Montevideo
2015 Deportivo 1-0 Sporting Braga
2016 Deportivo 2-0 Villarreal
2017 Deportivo 2-0 West Bromwich Albion
Athletic Club
2-2 Deportivo
2019 Deportivo 1-0 Real Betis
2020 Deportivo
6-0 Combinado F.A. Coruñés
2021 Ponferradina
2-1 Deportivo
2022 Deportivo 4-2 Metalist Kharkiv


Year Champion    Final res.    Finalist
2013      Victoria CF 3-0 Orzán SD
2014 Victoria CF 2-1 Boavista FC
2015 Rayo Vallecano 7-0 Victoria CF
2016 Deportivo ABANCA 2-2 Villarreal CF
2017 Athletic Club 1-0 Deportivo ABANCA
2018 Athletic Club 1-0 Deportivo ABANCA
2019 UD Granadilla Tenerife 5-1 Deportivo ABANCA
2020 Deportivo ABANCA B 1-1 Victoria CF
2021 Valadares Gaia FC 0-0 Deportivo ABANCA
2022 Deportivo ABANCA 2-2 FC Famalicão