Lucas Pérez stated, “I’m happy to be here, which is where I wanted to be”

01/09/2017 13:31

Lucas Pérez passed his medical examination in A Coruña’s HM Modelo Hospital this morning. He also signed his contract linking him to Deportivo this season, on loan from Arsenal without an option to buy.

In his first statement to the press, he said, “I’m very happy that everything has finally been sorted out. I’m happy to be here, which is where I wanted to be”.

He has lived these last days “with patience. Waiting in a London hotel for everything to be solved. Happy but impatient. I wanted to be able to start working”. “With patience, everything was sorted”, he added.

The Coruña striker explained that he was set on playing for Dépor because “money doesn’t give me happiness. I’m motivated by emotions, by vibes I have. Leaving to Arsenal was a good decision even though they didn’t give me the opportunity I think I deserved. Now I’m back home which is where I want to be”.

He highlighted that it’s time “to do well in Dépor, save ourselves as soon as possible, without any problems. And then the national team, which is what I’m most hoping for”.

Lucas also explained that “I’ve been training. Obviously, I haven’t done the best pre-season of my life. But I feel more or less fine. I hope to train as soon as possible and be with my teammates to get to know them. Then gain pace with matches, because I’ve been without playing for quite some time”.

Lucas said that Pepe Mel can count on him for next Sunday’s home game against Real Sociedad at 12 pm (Bein LaLiga): “I’m ready. I’m not here to waste time, the league has already begun”.

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