According to Raul Albentosa, Clarence Seedorf’s keys are order and intensity

20/02/2018 19:26

Raul Albentosa spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The Branquiazul centre-back explained that Clarence Seedorf insists on order : “It’s the most essential thing. It’s my point of view about football too. Above all, order in every position on the pitch, defending and attacking. It’s basic in football. There are teams that have less skill but win matches thanks to order. That’s what we have to carry on doing until the end.”

He emphasized that the Deportivista coach wants the squad to have “order. Order and intensity in actions throughout the match. He is emphasizing this a lot and we are training for this. It something essential and basic in football. There are teams that with order and aggressiveness, not kicking the rival, win matches, and in First Division.”

However, he said, “football is also more than that, but those are the bases. In the end you have to have some base implemented and know what path to take. As I said the first time I spoke to him (referring to Seedorf). If you tell me to do this, I will do it. Until the end. I believe that and I believe in him.”

He believes that there are four teams battling to avoid relegation. We can put more teams into the battle. I’m always thinking about when I was in Eibar, and left in Christmas, I followed them every week. They had 28 points, and in the end they relegated. You have to be positive and try to get more teams to be in the same battle. And to do this, you have to win matches. You cannot look at how others are doing.”

He stated he is only thinking about this Friday’s match at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR against Espanyol (9 pm, Bein LaLiga). He is not calculating how many points are in play: “All I want to do is win this match, full-stop. I wanted to win the last one, and the one before that. I’m only thing about this right now.”

Along these lines he described Espanyol as a team “that isn’t in a good situation either, they have a good set of points, but they have a great team.”

On an individual level, he said “the coach’s confidence in me is very positive for me”. “What I want to do is to try and gain 3 points so that everything negative now will become positive,” he added.

He understands why the fans are upset: “They're down because of the situation. In the end, they love this (signalling to the badge on his jumper). They want us to stay in First Division. I know they’re going to be behind us. And we have to give them something. And that’s what we’re trying to do every day, so that when Friday comes we can give them not just anything, but something huge.”

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