Adrián after joining the sea folk: For us, the key is that our fans are with us until the end

17/08/2017 19:13

Adrián López joined the sea folk this morning. The Asturian striker spoke to the press after Deportivo’s Social Responsibility Director, Gelines Romero, gave him his season tickets. He sent the following message to all the Branquiazul fans: “We’re very happy with all the season ticket holders we have up to now. They are eager, just like the team. Encourage them to be with us all the way. It’s important to be strong at home to have a good year. And that’s where your fans help you”.

He was not surprised by the way the fans respond each year: “You don’t find fans like these in every team. For us, the key is that our fans are with us until the end. And we will, without a doubt, give our all to give them joy so they can have a good season. Let’s all have a good year together”.

Just before the league starts, he has “very good vibes. I’m happy to have begun with the team a few days ago. Adapting as quickly as possible. Everyone’s welcomed me in. What’s been helpful is that I already know many people at the Club. I’m very happy and I cannot wait for this to start”.

For Sunday’s game against Real Madrid at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR (10:15 pm, Movistar Partidazo), he confessed that Pepe Mel “is motivating everyone to get off to the right start. It’s always important to begin the league doing things well. We’re facing a team that’s spectacular at the moment. But each game is a different world”.

In Adrian’s opinion, the recipe for success is “to think that we’re playing at home, where we will do our best to gain a result”.

On a personal level, he explained that “I’m working with the team and a little more. We’re managing the workload. But I feel fine and I’m available to play on Sunday”.

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