Adrian: “I’m proud to have returned; proud to get to be the team's captain”

15/05/2018 20:19

RC Deportivo’s captain, Adrian Lopez, spoke to the press at the ABANCA-RIAZOR this morning.

The Asturian striker admitted “it’s not easy training every day knowing you’ve already relegated, that there’s nothing you can do. At least the team is still working, it’s still dedicated, which I think is important and that’s the image we have to give until the end of the season.”

For this reason, he insisted “these aren’t normal weeks, or one’s we are used to. I always prepare the matches to gain points, to achieve objectives. In this case, we relegated some matches ago. It’s difficult to give your all. But the team’s doing it. It’s what we have to do because we are professionals, it’s our obligation.”

Adrian said that he sees his teammates, the team, “training in a very good way. And we have to highlight that in the team's favour.”

He understands the fans’ complaints: “If things go well, people applaud, and if things go badly, people whistle. It’s normal. It’s the way they have of showing they’re not happy. It’s normal because of the way the season went. The only thing we can say is that we tried to do our best. It’s a pity that as a team we reacted when it was too late. We’ve given our all for the team.”

Along these lines, he stated “we all feel responsible for having relegated. It's something that affects everyone that forms part of Deportivo. We're all partly to blame. Nobody can be happy with this year’s work.”

He confessed, that despite being sad for having relegated, he feels “proud to have returned here. I’m proud to have returned; proud to get to be the team's captain.”

Regarding his future, he insisted he is an FC Porto player “and to begin with, I have to go back there. I don’t really know what’s going to happen. I don’t know what happens in summer over there.” However, he did admit, “I’m happy here. I’ve always been happy here, despite having lived two complicated moments. It’s the team I debuted in, it’s the team I have played the most years in throughout my career. Therefore, it’s a place in which I feel like home. I’m happy. But I don’t want to talk much about my future because it doesn’t depend on me,” he concluded.

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