Adrian stated that Dépor will go to #ONOSODERBI (Our Derby) and play “as if our lives depended on it”

02/05/2018 20:42

Adrian Lopez spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

Before he answered the journalists’ questions, the Asturian striker congratulated Deportivo ABANCA for winning the Galicia Cup in Lugo yesterday: “I want to congratulate the women’s team for winning the Galicia Cup. Send them a huge hug, congratulations from us, and carry on like that.”

He admitted “we were upset the other day because we knew we had relegated. Everyone wants to finish the 3 matches that are left the best way possible. Beginning with this weekend's, as you all know it's a very important match, the derby. We want to give a good image as we consider we’ve been doing in this final stage.”

He assured that the team just want “to finish the season well. Try to win the derby this weekend, as we know it is very important for the Deportivistas, for us. We're focused on that because we're professionals and it’s what we have to do. We have to finish the way the team is playing, which I think is good. The other day we ended up losing. I saw the match from the stands, where sometimes you see things a little better, I was very proud of the match the team played.”

Adrian pointed out “it would be great, despite the disappointment, to win the derby for the fans, for the Club, for us personally. I hope we have a great match in Balaidos,” on Saturday at 6:30 pm (Bein LaLiga).

For this reason, he acknowledged “it’s not the best situation” to go and play #ONOSODERBI (Our Derby), “but the coach we have is really good. Since he has come he has conveyed tremendous positivity. He has always told us to give our all on the pitch always. He’s right. We have to do that for ourselves, for the badge, for our fans. We have to play as if our lives depended on it. Also because it’s a derby, which we all know is not an ordinary match. It’s a special game. Therefore, we have to try and play the best football possible, try to win the game. We’ve all seen how the team has improved, although unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save ourselves (from relegation). The team is doing well from quite a while back. We have to carry on like this”.

On a personal level, the Deportivista striker emphasized that when signing for Dépor “he was searching for a place where he could have continuity. In that aspect I’m very happy to be here this year. For me it’s been an honour to come back to Dépor, being here and being the captain. It’s been a great honour. It’s a pity that what has happened, happened. I’m half happy. I would’ve liked to have given even more to achieve the common objective, which was to try and save ourselves. We all would’ve loved to have given more.”

Regarding the relegations he has experienced with Dépor, he put it down to “it’s football”: “I didn’t think it could happen again when I came. It didn’t cross my mind. But it happened again. It’s a tremendous pity having to relive this situation. But football’s like that sometimes. The first relegation was weird, with points that nobody had relegated with. And this one, perhaps we lacked some things at the beginning, but the team then improved a lot. We were a bit unlucky in some home games where we let some points slip away. We drew a few home games which we could’ve easily won. But this happens in football. And it’s a shame. Every year, every team I’ve been in always snatches 3, 6 points...there are always a couple of games that go in your favour even though you don’t deserve it. But this year we didn’t have that kind of luck. And that's weird. We're the team, after Barça and Real Madrid, that has hit the woodwork the most times, that’s another out of the ordinary fact. In the end, they’re things that happen in football, and unfortunately I’ve experienced it twice.”

After having relegated , he urged everyone to be analytical, “the Board of Directors, the players, the coaching staff. When you end up in a situation like this, we’ve all played our part. In the end, we all have to try and rebuild this so that it doesn’t happen again. We’re all to blame.”

Regarding his future, he recalled “I have to return to Port.  I don’t know what’s going to happen. Summers are a little complicated there. When Porto begin their pre-season, I will have to be there.”

He insisted that “for me, this year was important. I was extremely excited and looking forward to Dépor, me and everyone having a good year. It wasn’t meant to be.”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf continuing in Deportivo next season, he stated, “I can’t say much. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of the Board, Club and Coach reaching an agreement. What’s clear is that we’ve all seen that since he's come, we’ve achieved things we hadn’t achieved throughout part of the season. I think we are a more solid, intense team. He has a lot to do with this.”

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