Adrian: “There’s no math to it. We have to win”

27/03/2018 20:58

Adrian Lopez spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The Asturian striker pointed out that this week they are “working well. Eager to prepare for the weekend, which is going to be another extremely important match for us,” referring to this Sunday’s game at the Wanda Metropolitano against Atletico de Madrid (8:45 pm, Bein LaLiga).

Adrian recalled the first round’s match, in which Dépor fell at ABANCA-RIAZOR (0-1) with a late goal by Thomas Partey: “The team played a brilliant match despite losing because of a free-kick in the last minute. It’s a good incentive knowing we gave them a run forr their money at home in the first round. Let’s see if we’re able to do the same there.”

Asked about the numbers in order to stay in Primera, Adrian was to the point: “There’s no math to it. We have to win. We need to win immediately. We're aware there are 9 games left, that’s 29 points. There's a difference which is tough to beat. It's all about winning as soon as possible, and obtaining 2 or 3 back-to-back wins. Everything would change. It’s important to try and achieve something like that to have some sort of chance in the last matches.”

However, he did emphasize, “there’s no point in thinking about all of that. We have to take each match as it comes along. Now it’s Atleti, that’s the next one. It’s a very tough game but we have to go with everything we’ve got and try to win.”

He suggested that on Sunday they should “put all these things to one side and think about the 3 points that are in play during the match. Know that they’re 3 crucial points for us and we have to try and achieve them to change the situation we're in and see if we're able to achieve back-to-back wins.”

He does not think it is going to take a miracle for Dépor to stay in Primera this season: “A miracle is something else, for much more difficult situations in life. We have to have faith. It’s true we're alive until the math says otherwise. With everything left to play, we have to believe. We're the ones that have to believe because otherwise there’s no point in playing the matches left.”

Adrian Lopez insisted that the team “is convinced that our time is going to come and when it does, try and stick to it, and try to turn this around. If we gain a win, it’s going to give us a lot of strength so that we can gain another one, and that’s the objective, the idea. And finally, we have to do it.”

However, he knows “people are upset because the situation we’re in isn’t easy. Of course, they think it can go badly or get worse. That’s what the fans are thinking. The only thing we can convey from the inside is that we're going to fight until the end, we're going to give our all for this shirt until the very last moment. Let’s see if we’re able to win as soon as possible.”

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