Adrian: “We have to try and be a solid team”

03/01/2018 20:40

Adrian Lopez was the centre of attention in Abegondo’s press room, after Deportivo’s training session this morning.

The Asturian striker warned ahead of Sunday’s match against Villarreal (6:30 pm, Bein LaLiga), that “if we play a serious and good match, we’re able to gain points against any team.”

He recalled that this squad “has played great matches like against Atletico de Madrid, even though we lost in the last second. The team has to hold onto that. If we play a good match overall, both in attack and in defence, we can gain points against whoever.”

Adrian said, “we have to be confident in ourselves, in that we have a good team. We have to look forward.”

The Deportivista forward admitted that conceding goals at the start of the match, like what happened in the derby against Celta, “is something we have to improve on. We have to be a tougher team so as not to concede goals. If we're able to do that, I’m sure we’ll get more results.”

Along these lines, he highlighted that, more than using one formation or another, “being a compact team when we defend and when we attack is what matters most. We have to be on guard when we attack, so as not to let them harm us. They’re things we all know, but we’re finding it hard to apply in games, whether it’s because you’re having a bad day or because the rival is there. We have to try and be a solid team. It’s what we need the most. From then on, everything will improve, everything will turn out. The team creates danger, beyond the fact that in some games we find it harder to attack.”

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