Albentosa: “Seasons are based on moments and this is one of them”

16/03/2017 21:37

Raúl Albentosa stated in Riazor’s press room this morning, that a win on Sunday against RC Celta would make “a huge difference. Those three points would be very very good for the team morale. For the fans’ morale even better, and as the break is coming up, with 30 points you come back ready to start again, with 30 points and 10 matches left”. The Deportivista central-defender insisted that “seasons are based on moments and this is one of them”.

Albentosa believes that Pepe Mel's arrival has brought “a breath of fresh air. When a new coach arrives, everyone makes more of an effort because you begin from scratch”.

He shared that Pepe Mel “told us to neither feel inferior to anyone nor to think we’re not good footballers. He came here because he thinks we’re good footballers, otherwise he wouldn’t have come, he said. Those were words that every teammate took in, and since then, everyone has worked to be called to be ready and be in the line-up. And we’ve had the luck we didn’t have in other games”.

He also assured that “we’ve worked very well during the last matches”.

Albentosa noted that he is “very excited about the match, to perform well”, after being defeated in the first round. “We’re in the sweetest moment of the season, in the best moment, and we have to make the most of it. Now, we’re getting good results and we can’t let this good streak go”.

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