Albentosa: "We still have options and we have to make the most of them until the end"

25/04/2018 18:26

After receiving the Estrella Galicia Player of the Month award for March, Raul Albentosa told the press that regarding Sunday’s game at the ABANCA-RIAZOR against FC Barcelona, the Deportivista dressing room “are focusing on what they have to focus on. We're not looking beyond that. We have to be with our heads in the Barça match and face it the best way.”

Regarding the blaugrana team, he stated “they're a big team that want to come and win the league, and we want to get out of this sticky situation whichever way possible. We still have options and we have to make the most of them until the end."

The Deportivista defender said he is “eager to carry on whatever happens. We will try to get 12 points out of 12. The rest doesn’t depend on us. What does depend on us are the 4 games left, the first against Barça.”

In any case, he claimed “dignity, self-confidence...there are many words to define it. It’s what we’re going for. Every one of us has to know that their image and Deportivo’s is on the line. If we make fools of ourselves, it’s going to be embarrasing. We're going to try and give our all, get 12 points and win 4 matches. The rest doesn’t depend on us."

He admitted that Levante's result in San Mames got him “down big time. Quite disappointing, because we thought they wouldn’t gain points there. At the end of the day, this is what there is. We’re all to blame for this situation. We still have options and we have to make the most of them until the end."

Nonetheless, he does not believe this week is more difficult on a mental level, because according to Albentosa, “there were very complicated weeks, for example, the match that Levante won and we had to play Las Palmas. In the end we drew. That week was very hard, because we drew against a bottom team and they won. We knew things were going to be very tough, they're even tougher now. But we're going to carry on until the end."

Regarding the Estrella Galicia award he received thanks to the fans’ votes on social media, the Branquiazul centre-back believes “at the end of the day, work and perseverance are rewarded. Nobody has given me anything in football. With dedication and motivation...everything counts. The fact people support you makes you give that little more.”

Regarding his future, he stated “I have a contract here and I’m not thinking about anything else at the moment. I take each day as it comes along. I wasn’t playing 2 months ago, and now I’m playing and I must be happy. There are worse things in life than this. We’re going to carry on, each day as it comes, step by step.”

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