Álex Bergantiños: "humbleness, patience and maximum respect for the competition this season"

31/07/2019 16:15

Álex Bergantiños spoke to the press this morning at the opening of the new DéporTienda in Calle Real in A Coruña.

The midfielder from Coruña requested "maximum respect from everyone for the competition, from fans, Club, players... You have to know what Second Division means."

He also recommended "patience because there's time for everything. To see ourselves as a team for direct promotion like the first round of last season; or out of the play-off; or playing it and losing in the last match."

After last season's experience, he asked "to stay humble and work from the beginning to be in the highest position possible in such an equal competition."

In his opinion, the squad has recovered: "Football is present. Those who were here last season had less time to disconnect and rest. But there's a new vibe, new coaching staff, new players, different goals. This year we have the same goal as last year and we have to create a new group which is convinced and believe in what they're working."

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