Álex Bergantiños: “Mel insisted that Spanish football thought we had a squad to not be suffering the way we were”

28/03/2017 20:46

Álex Bergantiños spoke to the press in Abegondo today. After starting against Barcelona and Celta in Ríazor, the Galician midfielder said “I’m happier to be able to participate and feel useful in the team”.

He acknowledged that previously, when he was benched or in the stands, was a difficult situation: “It’s always difficult when you’re not counted on. Being ruled out for so long was a new situation in my career. But you have to learn from every stage and I also gained experience from that stage in which I didn’t participate much in the team”.

He believes that Pepe Mel’s arrival at Riazor “has lifted the team’s spirit, which was down in the dumps after the defeat against Leganés and the way the situation was becoming complicated”.

He explained that the coach since his arrival has insisted “in recovering our self-confidence. He saw a team that was a little downhearted, and not very aware of the possibilities it had. Above all, he insisted that Spanish football thought we had a squad to not be suffering the way we were, and the way we still are. That was his first objective here. He achieved it in those matches we did so well”.

Alex stated that “what’s actually difficult now is to carry on with that peak of intensity, cohesion and spirit. We’re on that, working a lot. Knowing that there are very important matches coming up and that we have nothing done. A very intense part of the season is coming up, with not a big margin from the relegation zone, and we have to be very implicated these days to try and have a good month in April”.

Regarding this Sunday’s game in Mestalla (6:30 pm, Bein Sports), he defined Valencia as a rival who is “a little unpredictable but with top-quality players. We’re going to have to make a great effort to try and get something positive out of there”. He recalled “two or three seasons ago Valencia always won at home, it was a strong team. Now, perhaps because of the expectations they have as a bigger Club, seeing themselves in a position they didn’t expect to be, may condition them and make them more nervous in front of their demanding supporters”.

Despite playing against Granada next Wednesday, Álex demands to focus on Valencia first: “We cannot throw any match away. In the end, we’re ready to compete against anyone. We saw that the day against Barça, as many people thought that match was difficult for Dépor and we won”.

His contract with Dépor is coming to an end next season and he is calm about his future: “I’m going to be 32 in June; I have a contract for another year. I’m happy to be in my city’s Club and now work my best to prolong my career as much as possible”.

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