Alex Bergantiños: “Those that compete more as a team, are the ones that in the end, gain the promotion”

09/07/2018 21:14

Alex Bergantiños was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning, where the players will be carrying out medical and physical examinations until tomorrow.

First of all, the Coruña midfielder posed with the Sporting Director, Carmelo del Pozo, on the main pitch in Abegondo, with his Branquiazul number 4 shirt, his squad number for during his last seasons in A Coruña.

In the press room, Alex Bergantiños answered all the questions the press asked him. After spending the last season in Gijón, he noticed that the facilities “have changed a little.” “A new season, a new division, changes in the structure and in the facilities which I thought were fundamental. At the moment everything is still under construction because it’s evident there are going to be changes in the squad. The first day is a bit about reuniting with your teammates, with friends, and laying out the foundation of what will be the season,” he added.

The way he sees this season “as a Coruña citizen, as a Dépor fan, and once again as a player; it's going to be a complicated year. Second Division is the most equal competition in the world right now. All you have to do is look at the past few seasons. It's nice to look at from the outside, but inside you suffer a lot. It’s very equal, very competitive. We have to be reasonable. The Club’s objective must be to be up there fighting for the promotion but knowing that there are many cities and teams in our same situation.”

He explained his return to Dépor after having played for Sporting de Gijón: “Nobody thought this would happen. Last year, I was here having hardly played for two years. I knew it was going to be complicated me being useful here when I left. Nobody thought this would happen, Dépor relegating again. There were certain contract situations that were determined by the context. At first, my duty was to be thankful for the way I was treated there. I always had it clear in mind that I would be here any time I was needed. Carmelo was the first to call me, explain how the project was going to be, and that I was really going to be useful here. At the end of the day, it’s what we all want in our work. As a Deportivista and wanting the best for Deportivo, I would have preferred Deportivo hadn’t relegated and I would carry on my own path. It was a hard blow for the city. But those are the circumstances. Now, because of the situation of the Club, I’m useful here again. I will try to give my all, to contribute. We have to learn from past mistakes, that there were things that weren’t done well here, which is what led to this situation. so that this year is a good year and things start changing in the Club.”

Alex Bergantiños once again emphasized that LaLiga 1|2|3 is “the most equal competition that exists. That’s why, the teams that manage pressure better, the ones that compete more as a team, are those that are finally able to promote. Sometimes minor budgets (triumph) for getting that right, for managing the winning streaks, defeats; you may have 8 back-to-back wins like we had in Sporting and then you lose 6 of the last 7. The one that adapts the best and knows how to go through that has the most options.”

The Branquiazul midfielder insisted that “there are going to be teams that are going to be in the same situation as us. Historic teams that have been for trying for years and haven’t achieved it because it’s very complicated. There are few places for so many teams. It’s a super equal competition.”

He does not believe he is a leader in the dressing room, but more as someone who “contributes. I don’t believe in leader figures that much. Nowadays, football has to be collective. You need to build a squad of 20, 20-something, with people from the B team that are really eager. The team has to be above everything. This is where neither the squad nor the Club did very well in the past. It’s what needs to improve and we have to lay the foundations to change this. It’s fundamental that Dépor become a team again where people speak of our fans, our home, our history, of what we do every weekend. In the past years we’ve unfortunately been on the news for other things.”

In that sense, he feels “the Club is taking the first steps. I hope we set an example as a Club, of being united with the fans. It’s what I’m most excited to contribute in, beyond leadership, because the Club and the team is what’s most important here.”

He assured he will always try to “contribute to the team, look out for the team. Be a team player and always adapt to what the team needs. Sometimes you are more important on the pitch and sometimes not. There are things that weren’t done well from the inside in the past and it has to change. I hope to contribute with my experience and acknowledge the mistakes both I and the Cub have made internally.”

With a year's contract ahead, Alex’s plans are “short-term. I’m going to be here this year. It’s true I have a renewable contract, but in the end, it’s going to depend on my performance. At the end of the day, it depends on how you are. It will be marked on my performance and how useful I am for the Club. There’s still a long year ahead. At the end of the season we will see what level I can continue giving and what I can give.”

He acknowledged that “people that know the Club a little from the inside have to be the ones that integrate from the start. During the last years there were many problems off the pitch that were spoken about. Others that weren’t leaked. There has to be a radical change in that aspect. I would’ve done things differently with the perspective I have now. The Club knows that now. It's all clear to me now and I will try and do my best in that aspect. But it’s something everyone must work on. We have to integrate everyone and try to generate a culture of team effort, which was what was lacking in the past where superior squads did not reach the level they really had. If we achieve that, it's what A Coruña people want. There's a bit of a disconnection. We need the team to give a collective sensation, that we’re at our limits on the pitch. It’s what we have to focus on all year. Every time Dépor go out and compete, we have to be at our top level, fighting for the common objective. If we do that, people are going to be satisfied, they wil get hooked again and we will be closer to achieving beautiful objectives."

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