Álex Bergantiños: “When you don’t lose much it’s important to react well in the next match”

02/01/2019 16:43

After returning for the new year, one of the team captains, Álex Bergantiños, spoke to the press in Abegondo ahead of the match against CD Lugo. The sensation is that “we’re physically preparing the body after a week without training, with specific work and adapting because we're finding the double sessions a bit tough, but necessary for the body to adapt.”

With the upcoming game against CD Lugo and the match against Cádiz behind them, it is time to assess the situation: “Today we went over things in general, we’ll look at it in more detail in the video session as we always do. And even though more days have gone by since the last match, it’s always in your mind for the next game. A win would give us more weight and would strengthen the team to react after a defeat because we’ve only lost two games and it’s true that when you don’t lose much it’s important to react well in the next match, just like we did when we drew against Numancia at home. Therefore, it’s important to gain a result in the match to give us confidence and not generate any kind of doubt like after the defeat in Cádiz.”

Regarding this Sunday’s rivals at 5:30pm in the ABANCA-RIAZOR, Álex said “they're a team that know this tier very well, with people that have been competing well in Segunda for a long time, although a little irregular. Compared to the rivals we’ve had here, they have nothing to lose and they’re going to try and play their game. Our rivals come with the idea of fighting for the win as they have nothing to lose, and that makes them dangerous.”

On a personal level, thinking about the year that has just begun, Bergantiños expects to carry on “along the same line as always, trying to work and knowing that we’re all equally good to play or be benched at any moment, preparing myself the best possible way to give everything I can and be ready when it’s time to play. I’ve been lucky in the sense I’ve played quite a bit in the first stage, but we’re well aware that that can change at any moment and you cannot relax.”

Asked about the way the competition is going, he was very clear: “I think the direct promotion is going to be for those that only lose about 5 games, and this competition has 42 matches. At the moment, there are 8 teams fighting for those spots, but this competition can wear teams down and it’s important to keep gaining points because it’s difficult for every team to do so. The teams at the bottom tend to reinforce their squads and make more points, therefore we have a good average in order to achieve this. Winning away more would be a leap forward, but also sticking to what we’re doing at the ABANCA-RIAZOR, which isn’t easy. In general, teams in this tier tend to make fewer points away. We have a good average, but as I said, I would like to make more points away which would make us stand out.”

On Sunday, Álex will face his former teammate and friend, Carlos Pita: “You don’t normally speak much before a game, if you do, it’s more about personal stuff. It’s obvious I have a special relationship with him because we both trained and played for Fabril and we're good friends. Everyone in this world goes along their own path and he also had to leave, but it was always clear he is a top player; he debuted in Champions here. At the end of the day, it’s also a matter of luck, circumstances and given moments in order to end up in one place or another, but it was a given he had more than enough skills to be in professional football. His effort and work have driven him to play in Lugo, where he is very happy and well-respected, and performing very well.”

Lastly, regarding his future beyond the 30th of June, he repeated what he has been saying throughout the season: “We shouldn’t give personal matters much importance. There are conditions, but the objective since I arrived is seeing whether I’m useful or not at the end of the season. I don’t see myself retiring because I think there are still years of football left in me and I feel strong, and if I feel useful and the Club wants to count on me, there will be no problem writing that up, but I don’t think beyond performing well each season and giving my all for my city’s team.”

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