Álex confessed that Pepe Mel gave the team a pep talk after Sunday’s defeat

08/05/2017 20:53

Álex confessed in Abegondo’s press room, that after Sunday’s defeat against Espanyol, Pepe Mel gave the team a pep talk in Riazor’s dressing room. According to the Galician midfielder, he conveyed “a message of team spirit and unity. He was happy the way the team recovered in the second half; from a complicated situation being 0-2 down. The team reacted well, those that started from the bench came on completely focused, and those that didn’t play cheered and supported the team from the bench at all times”.

The Deportivista skipper insisted the coach “asked us to be united in this final stage of the league. There are 12 days of competition left and we have to all chip in to get through this. To have confidence in ourselves, to not be pessimistic, that negativity that takes you down the wrong path that we're in now. To remember the good moments of the season, the good spirit we had, to have those sensations, which is the most important thing now”.

In Álex’s opinion, the mental aspect is of uttermost importance in this stage of the championship: “The team has to begin strong and not come down with the adversities that may arise during the matches”.

In this sense, he urges to prepare Sunday’s game against Villarreal (8 pm, Bein Sports) “well, be united to try and play a good game and get something out of it”.

He did however, praise Sunday’s rival: “They maintain possession very well and they concede very few goals. We know it's a complicated ground. We’re going to have to work well”.

With the season coming to an end, he said, “The Club and the team have to be what we are. We’ve come from two consecutive promotions after two relegations. A shocking debt which we are trying to rectify. It’s obvious we’re on the bandwagon of the bottom of the league. Could we have been sixth or seventh from the bottom and been more relaxed these two last games? Well probably, if we had done things better”.

Álex pointed out, “it’s frustrating not being in a better position having the capacity to not have reached this stage like this. In the end, we have to be conscious of what we are. All us Deportivistas would like to grow faster and return to the top like years ago, but it takes time. In that aspect, we have to evaluate what we do wrong throughout the seasons, to have a mid-term vision in order to try and take the correct steps to leap in the table little by little”.

Regarding the squad, the Dépor skipper was self-critical: “We’re always going to be the first to take the blame, as we’re the ones on the pitch. We’re not living up to the expectations that this squad generated whether individually or as a team. We’re not at the level that was established. And we have to acknowledge it. We're struggling until the end and we have to accept it”.

Referring to Sunday's game against Espanyol, Álex recalled that “they had three shots and they scored two. Maybe we looked more fragile than we actually are; probably because of the situation we're in. The team needs a little extra to recover the good sensations it had in other moments of the season”.

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