An ambitious Carles Gil said, “I still want the team to give much more”

17/10/2018 21:05

Regarding this Saturday’s match at the Nuevo Arcangel in Cordoba (8 pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV), Carles Gil stated that Deportivo will face this match “with the same mentality we’ve faced every match up until now, and with the idea of bringing 3 points home.”

He does not think the Andalusian side's position in LaLiga 1|2|3 is significant: “We’re still at that moment where that doesn’t mean anything, just a bad start to the league. Yesterday, Cordoba achieved a result in the Copa with players that haven’t been playing. That means they’re dangerous. A team that scores 4 goals away means they have potential up front. We're going to have to be on top form to achieve the win.”

He reminded everyone, “every team has strengths to beat any other team. That forces us to always think that if we're not 100%, we’re not going to win.”

He is not surprised by Malaga's run: “They’re a strong candidate from the very first moment. They’ve had a practically perfect start. Despite that, we’re only 4 points away. We're there. It’s too soon to talk about the league table because this has just begun.”

Carles believes that this season, due to relegation, “both the supporters as well as us have changed our mindsets. It’s another kind of objective. We didn’t give our fans many victories in the years I’ve been here. Both for them and for us it’s something to be happy about. Even if we didn’t win, I always noticed they were behind us if we gave them a little something.”

On a personal level, the Deportivista forward said “there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’m satisfied because I’m playing, because the team is winning. Logically, I’m ambitious. I want to give the team more, I even want the team to give much more. We're on the right track to achieve this.”

He highlighted the tremendous competitiveness the Deportivista squad has: “The squad has been built from the beginning so that there is lots of competition in each position. We’re proving it. Every player that plays is showing the coach that he can count on them. That's what's important, showing the coach he can count on us when we’re given a chance. Then it's his decision who gets to play each match.”

He stated that from the very first moment, “both Carmelo (del Pozo, Sporting Director) as well as the coach, have set out their idea very clearly and the path to follow. Those of us that were already here as well as those that came have adapted to everything straight away. That was reflected at the start of the league.” “Carmelo has a lot of experience in that sense, as well as Natxo Gonzalez, and they have come with a very clear idea, a very clear objective. We’re all on the same track.”

For this reason, he described the doubts regarding his future in Dépor as “water under the bridge”: “My teammates and I are focused on the same thing. Let’s hope we can continue with this streak.”

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