Andone: "The only thing I can do is apologise for the image we’ve given these last games"

27/04/2017 00:35

Florin Andone and Sidnei spoke to the press in Riazor’s mixed zone.

The international Romanian was crestfallen: “The only thing I can do is apologise on behalf of myself and my teammates for the image we’ve given these last games. We will try and give our best these last four finals so that we can end the season on a better note. All we can do is ask for forgiveness with our heads down, and accept whatever they say because they are in their right”.

One of the most loved blue-and-white players emphasized, “The crowd are free to whistle at us because we are neither displaying great football lately, nor are we obtaining good results. We have to be grateful for all the people that come here every weekend, they support us and are always with us”.

On the other hand, Sidnei believes “what we have to do now is work and get ready for Sunday, and achieve a victory”.

The Brazilian central defender believes that Dépor now have to “chin up, because we don’t have time to moan, because on Sunday we have an important game where our season is in play”.


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