Andone: “We have a good team and I’m sure we’re going to set things right”

11/01/2018 21:02

Florin Andone, who scored last Sunday’s equaliser in Villarreal, spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

Hence, he confessed he now feels “happy. I believe I made the most of the opportunity the coach gave me the other day. I hope he continues counting on me and that I can also play this weekend.”

The Deportivista striker highlighted that he feels good playing alongside Lucas Perez: “The few times we’ve played together, we’ve understood each other well. It’s a matter of playing together and trying to get to know each other better on the pitch. We talk to each other in the dressing room every day, but that’s all we do, talk. We have to play more minutes together to improve the connection between each other and to try and get the best out of both of us. But that’s down to the coach and the coaching staff. They’re the ones that decide if we have to play together or not”.

He highlighted the fans’ support when he was on the bench: “The fans have always been good to me. I’m in a place where I feel wanted. And I value that a lot. They’ve always been by my side, and have sent many messages of support through social media. I’ve felt most people’s support and I feel grateful. I can identify myself with the fans. I hope, if I have minutes, I can dedicate my hard work to them, and perhaps a goal too.”

With the winter transfer window, he is convinced that his future lies at Dépor: “The Chairman is the one that calms the fans. There is no option of me leaving.”

However, he pointed out, “a player wants to play. If he doesn’t play, he doesn’t feel fulfilled, and in the end he doesn’t enjoy what he’s doing. The only thing I want is to play. And it’s obvious if I can’t play here, I would try and find another opportunity in another team where they counted on me or where I had more chances of playing. I’ve never stopped working and I’ve always been there waiting for an opportunity.”

Notwithstanding, he insisted, “I would like to be here for many years. I signed for 5 years. I have 3 and a half left. If Dépor wanted to renew tomorrow, I would renew for 6 or 7 more. I only want to play and feel fulfilled. I’m 24 years old and I don’t want to be without playing.”

He acknowledged that “there are teams that continue making very good offers and are very interested. But it’s pretty clear I’m going to continue here. There’s no doubt about it. I want to be here, he (Tino Fernandez) wants me here, and I hope I’m here for many years. It's what we have in mind.”

Regarding Saturday’s match at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR, for the 19th fixture of LaLiga Santander against Valencia, he believes, “it’s football and anything can happen. We can win 3-0 or Valencia can come and win 0-5. You never know. We have to out and play a serious, intense and enthusiastic game, the way we did against Villarreal. With clear ideas, clear concepts, well focused from the start, and not fearing anybody. We have to be confident and pull this through. I’m sure this team has what it takes to do it.”

He defined Valencia as “a top team in the Spanish league. It’s where it deserves to be, there in the top three or four, because they have the sufficient level to finish the season up there.”

Finally, he described Deportivo’s situation in the league as “bad. But it’s the new year, new hopes, motivations. The team is keen, every player wants to turn the situation around. I’m sure it’s a matter of time, of having two or three good games, where we gain points, where we feel strong and we begin to climb. It’s impossible to do worse. We have a good team and I’m sure we’re going to set things right.”

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