#ANosaHistoria (Our History): 3D shirts on rcdeportivo.es to celebrate 112 years of Dépor

12/06/2018 11:00

RC Deportivo, in our continuous mission to organise and promote our history, have got together all the kits since the Club was founded.

The unpublished recreation of every one of them, in 3D and in chronological order, can be seen on the website https://www.rcdeportivo.es/en/rcdeportivo/kit.

Up until now, all the Branquiazul kits since 1939 until now were available on the website, as were the alternative kits since 1994. In the last few months, the Club has gone back in time and worked hard to remake the alternative kits from 1939 until 1994 in maximum detail.

RC Deportivo has managed to give life to the kits used between 1906 and 1939, even the second kits used except for those used between 1916-1918. That was the second half of the era of the split, the march of the football players of the Club that gave rise to the then known Deportivo Autentico FC (1914-1918). An era from which, unfortunately, barely any documents or photographs have appeared.

For this reason, the search is still on. Although the kits found and replicated are already 217, it cannot be fully confirmed that the compilation is finished, even though in addition to the time between 1914-1918, the Club has not been able to access graphic information from various matches out of Coruña, especially in its first decades of existence.

However, it is not until the beginning of the 30’s when there are cases like changing shirts during the break of a game against Castellon (1931), at the request of the referee confused by the blue and white stripes of the Deportivo players and the black and white stripes of the Castellon players. In addition to the original kit in grey and black (1906-1910), Deportivo also wore different colours (sky blue and white) in many games between 1928 and 1930. Therefore, it is to be assumed that previously there were no alternative kits or at least they were not officially registered as such.