Arribas urges everyone to be calm and patient, “the team is trying to improve every day”

18/09/2017 21:21

In Abegondo’s press conference, Alejandro Arribas stated that the team’s objective on Wednesday against Alavés (9 pm, Gol) is “to win. Even if we win 5-4. I want to win and get 3 points. Then nobody remembers how many goals you’ve conceded. You only remember how many points you actually have, and that’s what’s most important”.

Regarding the squad, he said: “when you play four fixtures and you haven’t won any of them, obviously it’s not that great. The team’s still keeping to its good dynamic. People are working hard, and they’re focused on the work at hand. Everyone’s willing to do things well when their turn comes. That's the way. Keep working, try to improve and correct certain aspects from previous matches. Slowly gaining balance”.

He highlighted he did not care about Alavés’ new coach: “I’m only thinking about winning and gaining 3 points. I don't care who their coach is. The coach doesn’t play, only the players do. We shouldn’t care about who’s in charge”.

Arribas urges to keep calm: “We’ll get nervous if things become really complicated and there are few games left for the end of the season. This has just begun. It doesn’t always start how it ends nor ends how it starts. Patience; keep calm. The team’s working, trying to improve every day. Let’s see if we can win those three points on Wednesday”.

Asked about Wednesday's rival, Deportivista defender highlighted, “they've lost 6 or 7 regulars from last season such as Kiko Femenía, Theo, Llorente, Camarasa, Deyverson... They’ve lost loads of important players for them. They have a lot of newcomers and they still have to adapt. They have a good team but things aren’t going well for them. We also have a good team and things aren’t going well for us either. We have to focus on ourselves”.

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