Borja Valle: "I’m privileged to experience what I’m living, to be where I am. I value it a lot"

06/10/2017 20:35

Borja Valle who scored a brace against Corinthian’s yesterday, confessed in Abegondo’s press room that he is “very happy. In the end, these matches are for that, for those that don’t play as much to have good sensations. In this case it turned out well”.

He admitted it is “difficult” to work every day and play little: “That’s football. As much as you work, you’re not rewarded with what you deserve or what you think you should get. In the end, it’s one person that decides, we’re twenty-something people in the squad and eleven get to play. It’s complicated, it's difficult. The last thing I can do is give up and quit”.

He explained he was aware from the beginning that “this squad has a high level. There are players that have played for important teams, I knew I was going to have a lot of competition and it was going to be very difficult. Really, I’m privileged to experience what I’m living, to be where I am. I value it a lot. I work every day so that one day I’ll be rewarded. To play as many minutes as possible. That's what I think. In the end, it’s also a personal challenge”.

Borja stated he has “the Club’s confidence, I’m backed by the entity and the coach. That fulfills me. And that's what makes me carry on. We all want to play as much as possible. I know it’s difficult and I’m going to fight to make it happen”.

After playing in several positions for Deportivo, as a striker, a winger, and even a full-back, he does not see this as a barrier: “It’s always been like that and I’m here because of this. I don’t think this impairs me. I believe it benefits me. There’s a very competitive squad and it’s very difficult to play in the starting eleven. I don’t think this impairs me at all".

He said, “it’s not the moment to think” about the January transfer window. “It doesn’t even cross my mind, nor do I think it’s the correct moment to”, he said bluntly.

However, he did not deny that after having played a lot this pre-season he did expect to play more minutes, “I also expected it last season. I always expect it. I work every day for it. I’m not happy with playing 20 matches, 25 or 30. I want to play as much as possible. I’m the first to be upset about it, the first one to suffer when I’m not called to play, when I don’t play. The same as the rest of my teammates”.

He understands that Pepe Mel’s job “isn’t easy” because “it’s him that decides”. “I have to try and turn things around and gain more importance”, he added.

He described last week’s victory against Getafe as “an important step forward”: “Above all, to take a burden off our shoulders. We were under a lot of pressure for not having started well. Winning was something compulsory, necessary. It’s true we now have to reaffirm this in Eibar, bringing something positive out of Eibar would give us wings to keep on climbing”.

He prefers not to talk about “easy games”, when talking about upcoming fixtures Eibar, Girona and Las Palmas: “We know what Primera División is like, we know we can lose against a team that’s lower than us and beat one that’s higher. If we make points in these three matches, if we do well, it’s going to mark this first round a little”.

He described the week before Getafe's match as “a difficult week, a week with more pressure than others. In the end, winning was compulsory and necessary. Not making points, winning. You’re obliged to win. The coach is here to get the best performance out of us and to get Deportivo to triumph. He has the most responsibility because he manages the group. I know it was a difficult week for him, but it was also difficult for us. Luckily, it turned out well, we’re moving forward and thinking about Eibar”.

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