Borja Valle insists on “working to improve and not giving up. Anything can happen”

22/04/2019 20:38

Borja Valle spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning. He believes that Deportivo’s problem is that “we don't win. We're in a dynamic where the results we want aren’t being achieved, in which you try, where you work every week to achieve that goal and things don’t go as planned. It’s a bad dynamic where there won’t be a positive outcome.”

He understands “feeling nervous, worried, angry. I understand it because we feel it too. In the end, our aim is ambitious and it’s normal that the further away you go from your objective, alarms are set off, worries creep in, fear and anger.”

In those moments, he requests “being united, sticking together and try to turn this round as soon as possible.” He still believes in the possibility of direct promotion because “this is football and anything and everything can happen. Is it complicated? Is it hard? Yes, because we're stuck in a negative dynamic where you don't win, you don’t feel a star, you're uncomfortable. And our goal seems further away. But I still believe anything can happen. Anything can happen in football, right up to the last minute. We can’t lose hope and we can't give up.”

He explained the last two defeats against Rayo Majadahonda and Extremadura UD at ABANCA-RIAZOR were due to “not finding the best version of yourself, because you feel uncomfortable, because you're no longer the star, you feel scared, you can't stop thinking and worry gets a hold on everyone: supporters, players... everybody.”

He insisted that they had to keep “working to improve and not giving up. Anything can happen. There are only finals left. We've got to face each match as a final and try and do our best to end with a good dynamic.”

He differs with those who think the change of coach and system is making the players feel lost: “We are professionals and this has happened to us hundreds of times. I don’t believe we feel lost. The problem is that it piles up with the fact that we aren’t winning and things aren't going well. Things aren't going as expected, you're not efficient and the rest, if they get 3 chances they score 3 goals, if they get 1 they score 1 and it seems to be really difficult for us.”

He also disagrees with those who believe that it is noticeable that there are no veteran players, natural leaders in the squad: “I agree that we’re a very homogeneous group, we're all good, we all think the same way and we all have to take a step forward. I don’t believe we're in this situation because there hasn’t been anyone who stepped up, or because there isn’t a leader. It was like this in the first round and Deportivo were doing extremely well. I don’t think it’s a key factor. We’re all important in the squad, we all have a vote and we have a voice to give our point of view. Do we have to take a step forward? Yes. We all have to be important but we aren’t being that way.”

Borja Valle believes that the burden of winning and anxiety is no excuse: “When you sign for a club like Deportivo, be it in First Division or Second, you're signing for a big Club and that comes with a large responsibility. I think that when things are going well, you have everything in favour and when things are going sideways, you make a mountain of negativity, pessimism, bad things. Maybe it’s not the best surrounding for anyone, neither a football player nor any worker. But this is what we have to move forward with and try and turn it round.” “When you represent a Deportivo which is fighting for the top spot and 3 months have passed without achieving it, it’s normal for there to be a glum atmosphere,” he added.

He stated that José Luis Martí, Natxo González’s substitute on the bench, “is a very positive person who knows how to transmit that. He asks us to be aware of what’s going on on a daily basis, but no further than that. I imagine it’s tough for him to arrive and face this situation. In the end, he finds himself with a group that’s down, which you try to keep positive on a daily basis and then cocks it up again at the weekend. But we’re behind him 100% and we back the Club’s decision. We’re not going to compare them. We have to believe in the Coach’s terms, his way of thinking and trust it 100% and believe all the way to the end.”

Along this line, he assured that “the Coach has come giving his 100% and with fully charged batteries. We go on to the pitch each match believing 100% that we're going to achieve it. We really do believe it. Truth be told, things simply aren't going the way we plan. Now we have to focus on a new week, we have a new opportunity because football is always full of chances. And start from scratch. And start to think about this Friday (in Soria, 9 pm, Gol and LaLiga 1|2|3 TV), about trying to win, trying to get into a good dynamic again and forget this rut.”

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