Borja Valle stated “this year, humility and the group are what prevail”

16/10/2018 17:54

After making his come back at the ABANCA-RIAZOR and scoring a goal last Saturday, Borja Valle stated in Abegondo's press room this morning, that the injury he suffered in Tenerife “is long forgotten. I’m focused on helping the team.”

The Branquiazul forward said, “it had been a long time since we last saw Deportivo with a fixed identity, with ambition, with hunger. And the best thing that surrounds all of that is the sense of humility and the group. This year it’s what prevails above everything else. Everything is positive.”

He insisted that this summer “there was a huge change. Players from everywhere. A new trainer with a very different game plan. Everything was going to take time. The system, the players, the group, the identity have all changed. The coach has come with a style that as soon as we cottoned on to it we felt comfortable. Everything is positive. He has come with an idea that he has conveyed from the very first day, we have to get it and continue with the role that he has set out.”

Along these lines, the Branquiazul striker emphasized that “every Deportivista longed for things to go well, for the fans to see that there is a team, that decisions are made with the Club in mind. We all longed that. It's happened in Second Division, well we have to accept it.”

He enjoys playing with two forwards: “It gives you many options, you can have a lot of presence in the box. At the end of the day, Deportivo want to dominate the match from the start, know that we're going to have the ball, the more people up front, the better.”

Despite facing Cordoba CF away this Saturday (8 pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV), who are currently bottom of the league, Borja believes that match is going to be “complicated. We play with our strengths and they do the same. It’s true that their situation is complicated, delicate. That’s why we have to be more focused. They’re playing for their life, to climb out of there. They’re going to have the support of their fans in their stadium.”

He said he is not concerned about being in direct positions but focused on “what we do, in finishing with good sensations, carrying out our game plan, having an identity, continue being a team and thinking all as one. That’s Deportivo’s major strength.”

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