Borja Valle: “There’s still a lifeline, a lot of possibilities and we have to believe until the final match”

25/03/2019 20:26

Borja Valle spoke to the press this morning in Abegondo and reminded that “there’s still a lifeline, a lot of possibilities and we have to believe until the final match.”

The striker defined himself as “very positive. If we think negative the results won’t be good. It’s been hard to reach where we are.”

He stated that “it wasn't an easy start to the season because there have been a lot of changes. We have to be positive. We have to believe that we still have a lot of options, we’re still alive in the competition, we are Deportivo and there’s still a lot to go.”

Along these lines, he commented that “sometimes you have to put yourself in someone else’s place in order to put things into perspective. This is very complicated. The first one isn’t going to win everything and the last isn’t going to lose. We’re 5 points away from a direct pass to First Division, the dream of this season. Any team can lose against any other. You always have options.”

The formula to recover the sensations of the first round is “take each day as it comes along. That’s where you get good sensations, good dynamics, where you gain the confidence needed. Training is very important. You compete the way you train. It’s the main base for this Deportivo.”

He requested “to keep training well, gain good sensations during the week, on a daily basis. Give a lot of importance to each session, each possession, finishing skills to reach the Tartiere with good sensations; and forget this bad patch which we're all hoping to end.”

He admitted his worry “because we all have a clear goal marked since the beginning of the year. And you begin to worry when things aren’t going as planned. But just enough as not to go crazy because in the end, we’ll gain from it. There are still 11 fixtures left, an 11 match league. And we have to try and be the best in that league.”

He disagreed that the team is suffering a mental block: “I believe there are states of mind and fitness. At the beginning of the season, we spoke about there being good moments and bad moments. And there will be. Nobody is prepared for bad times. We always look for a reason. It’s not a matter of being blocked, I think it’s a physical state, a state of mind.”

He stated that the match in the Carlos Tartiere this Sunday 31 March (6pm, Movistar Partidazo) is “the most special fixture. I’m returning home, where I've felt comfortable all my life. It’s where I enjoyed my career the most because I achieved very important things for me and for the Club. It had been a long time since my return to professional football and the feeling of accomplishment will stick in my mind.”

He commented that the rival and the pitch “are very complicated. They have a very positive dynamic. They've left good sensations this weekend too.” “I know what it’s like to wear that emblem (regarding Real Oviedo). They've come from losing against Sporting and the best remedy they have there, like the one we have here, is taking on the next match with a lot of energy. I know that stadium and I know they're supported, focused, tough. I would highlight their commitment and intensity. The players don’t stop running throughout 90 minutes, defending. They are very intense. We have to be at their level because, if not, it’ll be an even more complicated match,” added the striker.

When asked about Natxo Gonzalez, Borja reassured that “he’s very focused on us. We have complete faith in him. Since the first day, he’s trained us, drilled a series of movements into our brains. We’ve trusted him 100 per cent up to today and that’s the way it’s going to be until the last day.”

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