Borja Valle urged everyone to keep their "heads up" and Eneko Bóveda stated that the team "has faith and is united"

20/10/2019 19:15

Borja Valle and Eneko Bóveda spoke to the press in the mixed zone at ABANCA-RIAZOR.

The striker stated he does not want to think about salvation: "We have to continue being ambitious and keep growing."

He admitted that the team's confidence right now "is minimal. Every mistake is magnified, it penalises us. We try and it doesn't come out. It hurts because you're fighting 90 minutes and in the end, it slips away again."

He insisted that "the only thing left is to try and do things right, keep correcting mistakes, raise our heads."

Borja Valle commented that "it can't get worse. We're right down at the bottom. We have to get that momentum up, correct loads of mistakes we're making, start gaining points and that's it."

The Branquiazul forward emphasized, "the words 'give up' aren't in my vocabulary and certainly not in this situation. Every day I try to encourage, help, lift people's spirits. What we're going through is beautiful. Fucked up but we're privileged, we have to enjoy each day. The more we enjoy it, the better things will turn out."

On his behalf, Eneko Bóveda stated that "being united, believing in the group, in the person who leads the group, the coach, is the only way to improve. In that sense, the team's fine, it has faith and is united. That alone isn't enough. If I had a magic potion to make things better, I'd have a more important position in this Club. Since I don't have it and I'm also a player, it's my turn to be humble, analyse my mistakes and do the best I can at training on Tuesday."

With two upcoming consecutive games away from the ABANCA-RIAZOR (in Santander and Fuenlabrada), Eneko pointed out "I would play all 42 here. When things don't turn out as expected, one assumes the headlines will get a little worse, they're not going to cheer as much when you're on the pitch, you won't hear applause every time you touch the ball. But I prefer to play at home."

Bóveda commented that "the players who have come here this summer, which is the vast majority of the team, have been rejecting teams that seem to be better than us right now. And they were A or B options of teams that now seem better. They're good players. You can't take a footballer's licence away because of a match, 8 or 10. Then how do you explain some of our performances? It's something you can see in about 1.000 teams and it's tough to explain."