Borja Valle: "We are Deportivo and we have to keep fighting for the same goal, which is the only one we should have in mind"

29/07/2019 19:00

Borja Valle spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The striker stated that these first preseason games "don't help much. They're good to get to know each other, to get good vibes."

He considers that, after the departure of strikers like Carlos Fernández or Quique González, "we all have to be in the front line and we all have to share the same goal. There are people who have been here for a long time, we've been here for years, we have experience in this Club, we've gone through certain things that others haven't, but I don't think it puts us in first or second line. We'll all try to be in the first line."

When asked about the reinforcements, he pointed out that "they are integrating very well. When people come from abroad, you're afraid of the language barrier, that they won't understand you, that it'll be hard for them to express themselves. We're lucky that Gaku expresses himself perfectly, Vassi (Lampropoulos) the same... We try to help them in every way we can. We know what it's like to feel like an outsider and beginning in a new Club, a new family. We'll try to make sure they adapt as soon and as well as possible."

Speaking about Anquela, he highlighted "his way of living football, his way of transmitting football, his way of teaching us. It's passionate, knowledge, pure passion for football and he transmits it on a daily basis not just in matches, in a talk, in a meeting with him, on the training field, in a friendly match... It's his essence and what we have to soak in this season to get ahead."

Although Borja also warned that "with the shield and trajectory you neither play nor win, yet it does require a pattern. And Deportivo's pattern has to be the same as last year. Wil it be even more complicated than last year? Yes, but that's football. If they had made us bet on the first day of the league that a newly promoted team would ascend to Second Division, nobody would have done it. Is it going to be difficult? For sure. But we are Deportivo and we have to keep fighting for the same goal, which is the only one we should have in mind.

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