Boveda assured that Dépor “is neither a pity party nor is it dead”

19/02/2018 18:49

Eneko Boveda spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning. “We’re at a moment in which there are fewer teams fighting in the relegation zone and we best gain points as soon as possible,” he pointed out.

The Deportivista defender confessed that on a personal level he is “very motivated because I feel like I’m participating, responsible and I have something which is difficult to achieve. I have to give my all and pull this off.”

However, he acknowledged, “the weeks are tough because everything that surrounds the team gets you a little down, especially the results, the standings.”

Asked about the fans, Boveda said, “even though it’s tough, if you want to help the team, if you believe we’re professionals that want to get out of this like everyone else, the best way is to always cheer, shout more or less kind words to push the team. At the end of the day, there’s still time left and whatever happens at the end of the season if it’s bad it’s going to affect all of us, and if it’s good we’ll all celebrate. People have to feel they’re on the same boat as us because those of us on it also suffer and live this.”

Along these lines he assured he knows “this dressing room. I know that people are suffering. I also know if we get Deportivo de La Coruña out of this, we’re all going to celebrate and feel relieved and joy. Everyone can put their own grain of sand from home. Logically, we have to put about one hundred thousand grains of sand because we’re the ones that are on the pitch. But any support we get is welcome, you just have to look at Alaves with their fans in the hardest moments, and how that has helped them to rise and carry on fighting.”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf, the Basque player replied, “the coach, just like myself, has been here a few weeks. His strength is intact. He has hope, with a very difficult challenge ahead of him, but with new, fresh energy. In that sense, I feel that same energy, eager to get started and finish with great results in a new project. 100% behind him.”

He believes that Deportivo “is a normal team that reacts like other teams in the same situation, with a series of bad results, with a string of things that don’t work out. They have normal human reactions. What we have to do is work in order not to hit rock bottom when things are difficult. We’re working on it. The coach is very demanding with us in that sense, in a psychological sense, in keeping our heads up. Evidently, we’re not proud of the way we reacted towards Alaves’ goal.”

He warned that despite the bad streak, the Branquiazul team “is neither idling, nor is it a pity party, nor is it dead, or about to die. It’s at the bottom, and not gaining results. You can analyse the last 30 minutes, the first 45, or you analyse it overall where there are good and bad points. The fact that in the first half you can see things the coach has worked on in such a short space of time, is positive. The fact that the team did not react to their goal, is negative. The point is to work and try to turn this situation around.”

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