Bóveda highlighted the special harmony between the team and the crowd

13/05/2019 18:59

Eneko Bóveda spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The Deportivista right-back explained that after the match against Cádiz CF last night, he had "a bittersweet sensation because honestly, the team and the crowd were in harmony from the start."

He believes that Dépor "played well against a rival that's above us. We were better, yet we end up with a result that at this stage, and because of where we are, it's not good."

Furthermore, he is convinced that "if we had played like we did yesterday in the previous games, it would be a different story. One prefers to not win like that and not like against Rayo Majadahonda or Extremadura."

He admitted that "the situation we're in, the only thing we must do is win, win, and win. We're not happy because we're slipping away, but on a good note, yesterday we saw the team play the way we want to play."

Bóveda emphasized "Cádiz did not go past the halfway line in the first half. However, that changed in the second half even though we were still doing well. They had more possession, and the space is divided. We have to think about what provoked that change. Was it our decision or the rivals? And if it was our decision, is it convenient?".

He recalled "the last matches we were ahead, we gave space away and the results were good. Not yesterday. Even so, we counter-attacked well, but it's definitely a question we have to ask ourselves: with the score in our favour, what team do we want to be?", concluded.

On a personal level, Eneko, said "I don't like to talk about myself much, it's true that any player with favourable conditions performs better. We fight to play, the inside competition, to be in the line-up. I've played the last games, I'm happy. They are the best conditions to perform better," he concluded.

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