Bóveda: "I have absolute faith that the squad is good"

24/10/2019 20:30

This morning, Eneko Bóveda highlighted in Abegondo's press room that "as the days go by since the last disaster, each time it hurts a little less, you think less about what happened and more about what you want to happen. We're focusing along those lines. At this point of the week, it's much better to be thinking about what may come than regretting what can't be changed; although obviously nobody can forget the position we're in and we can't forget what we've done wrong up until now and it's in our power to change that or try to at least."

The winger stated that the best case scenario of what could happen on Saturday 26 October in El Sardinero against Real Racing Club (6pm, Movistar LaLiga 1), "is winning, we would continue to be in a bad situation and in the worst, which is losing, on Sunday the sun would rise for us again and we're not going to stand by idly by and we'll continue to believe or continue believing that we still have a chance."

Bóveda, who is also a Football Coach (Level II) from the RC Deportivo School of Coaches, commented that what is happening to the team "is an accumulation of many factors. If we look at it from a perspective where we have a team with a very good level for the category, it has to be due to many factors that have made us get into this situation. For sure there may have been some technical and tactical errors, more fragile, more fearful ways of thinking, and sometimes even luck can be against you."

He proposed an idea to get out of this situation, "but not now, the one I've held on to for a lifetime, especially during the bad times that one is feeling anxiety for the match to come and winning, advocating more for the day to day. I know that by saying this, to those who want to hear great things, it doesn't mean anything. But that's what I believe in. Coming here, training well, making people see themselves agile, strong, focusing well, playing well. The day of the match will come, it can go better or worse. It's the only way in which one doesn't let this get the better of one and that one can go to bed knowing they've done everything possible to be the best. In the end, that's what it's about."

When asked about the role of the eldest in a squad with many young people like Dépor, he explained that "there are 2 places where a player can help the team. On the field and off it. On the field, confidence is contagious. Any player who goes out on the field and transmits self-confidence, control of the situation and so on, will be of great help to the rest. They will want to reap what they sow. And to those of us who have been here the longest and are expected to manage certain resources in these kind of situations, off the field we have to maintain a conduct that isn't counter-productive, keeping hopes high, a balance between what we have to do and good words. Trying to add good things to the group, helping them come to work everyday in the best frame of mind, all of that."

As for the objectives, according to Bóveda, "whatever you do, in the end you'll never give up on winning the next game. You can set a goal of 50, 60, 70 points but in the end I don't know how much it can really help to set one goal or another. We have a very important, critical game. If we don't follow what we do on a daily basis, match by match, doesn't make much sense and more so in a situation where the objectives we spoke about at the beginning of the season now seem a bit weird."

He understands the criticism and doubts that fans feel about the quality of the squad perfectly: "I think it's very normal because on one hand, there's a very large sentimental component of the last thing you see, the frustration you have of watching players who don't impose themselves over other teams. Because that theory is supported by the classification. On the other hand, I defend the fact that a player, no matter how good or bad they're doing, their license isn't given or taken away in 5 or 10 games. The people who are here have a short history, starting in summer, where many or all that came, were sought for players . And there's a reason for that. A sports director can be wrong, but that so many sports directors could be mistaken when it comes to putting a price on the players, is difficult. That then doesn't guarantee good performances or results, of course. I have absolute faith that the squad is good."

He confessed that "we have resources in our hands" to work against the 'frozen legs' blockade syndrome: "We have a psychologist who is working with us, a coach who is looking out for us being very aware of the situation. All of them have to help us. But then, there's an individual factor. The fact of realizing what's wrong with you when you get onto the field and why these sensations are there. Be self-critical in the sense 'maybe I'm not doing too well this way' and then work on it. We have resources but it's complicated. Together we will try to convey maximum calm, confidence and I hope the group will gain momentum."

Finally, about Real Racing Club, he commented that "I know many players because they've had some contact with Basque football, in the Second B group there. It's a team that I feel close. As game features, what they were doing last year: looking for spaces, a lot of participation from the goalkeeper, they try to dominate their games by possession. The coach knows more than me and he will prepare us, show us videos, show us how we can defeat them."

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