Boveda: “We know what ship we’re on, where we're sailing to”

11/03/2019 20:47

Eneko Boveda, one of Deportivo’s captains, spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

Deportivo’s right-back assured “we all know who the boss is” in the Branquiazul changing-room referring to the coach, Natxo Gonzalez. “The same as day 1, day 300 or 200 or whichever, we're the same. When you're in, you have to be self-critical, the more personal the better, and that’s it”, he added. “Each one of us has to analyse ourselves. I believe that when many players are at their peak, their conviction, their confidence, in the end that amounts to a lot. Sometimes we think about the team, the team... The easiest thing we can do is think about ‘me’, where can I improve.” he highlighted.

The Basque defender repeated that “we know what ship we’re on, where we're sailing to and we know that we have more to give.”

When asked about yesterday’s match in ABANCA-RIAZOR against UD Las Palmas, Eneko Boveda thinks that “despite it not being a good match on our behalf, it could have gone either way. We saw Las Palmas' level, which is similar to ours, where things haven't gone well for them but before beginning the season, if we compare their squad to ours, we see two strong teams, very equal. And that's the way the match went.”

In spite of feeling disappointed with Dépor's match yesterday, “I think the team was neither blocked nor inferior.”

He admitted that “the team is obviously worried because we have objectives and in order to achieve them, we have to win a lot of matches. Each match we don’t win, distances us from our objective. We’re worried and preoccupied analysing it, analysing us and trying to change things round.”

He doubts that “the first hours are the best to reach a conclusion. There's the hot-headedness, the disappointment of a rival celebrating a victory at the ABANCA-RIAZOR. I suppose that as time goes by, each analysis will be worth a bit more.”

When asked about Dépor’s situation in the season, Eneko stated that “every match, the first and the last, are worth the same points. In order to reach our goals, it doesn’t matter if you get points in the first part of the season, halfway through it or at the end of it. I don’t think a team can choose when to win more or fewer games. We're not that far away from where we want to be. I don't want to be conformist, but a little bit cautious. I still believe that we can reach the top spots.”

He understands that the supporters felt optimist with 3 home games in a row in ABANCA-RIAZOR plus one against CF Reus which is already won, “statistically speaking our team was winning almost all of our home games. It’s logical that people felt optimistic and thought that it would be a month in which we would be able to improve our situation. Things can be turned around and why not think that we can win all the matches away from ABANCA-RIAZOR or any match.”

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