Bóveda: "We're going to fight to do things well, completely convinced of it"

03/01/2020 20:15

Eneko Bóveda, one of the most experienced players in the dressing room, assured in this morning's press conference that "this has been a good week after some days of doubt, which we tend to handle a little worse. Once Fernando (Vázquez) arrived, everything went back to normal. A week without much to highlight and with no injuries, which is the worst thing that can happen during the week."

The Deportivista defender highlighted "I believe in us 100%." After the last win against CD Tenerife at the ABANCA-RIAZOR, he pointed out "our level does not correspond with what we've shown up until now. It's more likely our real level will come out during the year than not otherwise."

He stated that in 2020 "we're going to fight to do things well, completely convinced of it. I'm convinced that we're going to be able to pull this off."

Asked about Fernando Vázquez's arrival, Bóveda said, "it's obvious he has the support of many due to what he has achieved here before. He is a well-loved person. At a time in which we aren't the most-loved players of the history of the Club, it seems the tide has changed. Thanks to Fernando's incorporation we've had the sensation that the fans' mood has changed."

He regrets that "our win coincided just before the Christmas break. Winning a match wasn't an amazing achievement, but given the circumstances, it had a lot of repercussion on the team's state of mind, and should carry on doing so. I've missed not having a match 7 days after, as usual."

Regarding Sunday's clash in Soria against CD Numancia (12pm, Movistar LaLiga), the Branquiazul right-back says it comes at "a key moment because of what we've been talking about, the psychological aspect, our mindset, and the rest, turn this game into something that can give us a lot or take from us, but above all, give us a lot. It can be a game we may remember for a long time."

Asked about Numancia, Eneko Bóveda was clear: "They should be more respected than they are." He went on to explain this statement: "Because Soria isn't the most glamorous city in Spain, many times, people believe they play with iron balls there and things like that. Actually, I think they're one of the 2 or 3 teams that best play in the league. We saw it here at the ABANCA-RIAZOR, where they played a brilliant first half. They're a brave team, with very skilful players and a very good team this year. There you have the results. They just won in Carranza which a difficult ground. Whoever's seen them play will see what they're like. For me, they're a very good team that play well and play good football."

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