Carlos Fernandez: "Not everyone is fortunate to be able to go to a Club that has won titles"

31/08/2018 12:51

Carlos Fernandez Luna (Seville, 22 May 1996) was presented this morning as a new 2018-2019 Deportivo player, on loan from Sevilla FC.

First, he posed for the photographers on Abegondo’s main pitch, accompanied by the Club’s Sporting Director, Carmelo de el Pozo.

Then, the new Branquiazul striker went to the press room to answer the journalists’ questions.

Carmelo del Pozo opened the event to thank the player’s agent and Sevilla for "having the will and facilitating this operation so it went ahead, because it had its intricacies and its complications. We’re grateful to Carlos for choosing us. He conveys joy and optimism, and that’s important in these types of players."

He explained that this loan contract is "similar to the mechanism that we did with Domingos. It is a loan with a preferential option. If the team goes up first and Sevilla do not count on him for their squad, we have the option, if there is any offer, to decide whether it is interesting for us or not.”

Carlos Fernandez first thanked "Deportivo, the Chairman, the General Director and especially Carmelo del Pozo for making it easier, for the interest shown, for the affection and confidence they have shown during this time. It has been difficult, complicated. But in the end we are here. I am very happy."

He explained that he chose Dépor for "the confidence that Dépor has had in me from the first moment, the city, the fans. One weighs everything up. The best place to grow and continue to improve as a footballer was Deportivo."

He acknowledged that the conversations with Carmelo go back to "early July, even at the end of last season. It was clear that the place that I wanted to come to was here. In my head, this was the only chosen destination. All that left was for the two parties to reach an agreement. I think it is the right choice, a wonderful place, a historic club. Not everyone is fortunate to be able to go to a Club that has won titles, won a Spanish League, that is in Second Division due to circumstances. But all of us that are here are rowing in the same direction to get Dépor back to where it deserves. I am proud to be here today, it is an honour."

Along these lines, he sees the Club as "one of the historic ones in Spain. It’s one of the greatest and favourites to win in Second Division. We have to take each match as it comes along, correct our mistakes and improve with every training. We’ll be making a mistake if we think about the future before we do about the present. The way to get to First Division is to mark small steps, every day and to begin to improve every moment. That's the key."

After playing for Sevilla Atletico in LaLiga 1|2|3, he warns that in Second Division "there are great teams. It is very equal and long.”

He sees Deportivo as "a very exciting, very nice challenge. I'm really excited. I am tremendously looking forward to everything. I have felt welcomed since I arrived yesterday.”

Although he is on loan, Carlos Fernandez assured he has come “as enthusiastic as anyone else.  I am a Deportivo player from this day onwards until my loan finishes. I am as eager as anyone else, very excited and keen to begin training straight away with my teammates, to be able to play and give a little something to this boat that I’m sure everything is going to turn out well.”

The new Deportivista forward said he is physically "well. I had already been training with the team for 3 weeks. Everything has gone superbly with the recovery process, everything worked out perfect. The sensations are very, very good."