Carlos Fernández: “We fully trust all the components of this project.”

26/03/2019 21:12

Carlos Fernández spoke to the press this morning in Abegondo after Deportivo’s morning session.

During the final stage of his recovery, he wanted to publicly thank “the treatment I have received from everybody at the Club, from the Chairman, Carmelo del Pozo, the coach and all my colleagues. Apart from understanding me professionally, they have understood me on a personal level, they’ve helped me and that’s been the key to recovering 100 per cent.”

He blames nobody for his injury: “That’s football. We’re prone to injury. This time it happened to me. With this kind of problem, the key is a good solution. We've worked hard for it. It’s been a tough few weeks and months. One always wants to be available, wants to help and contribute. I’m happy to be back and feel good at the moment.”

The Andalusian striker does not see himself “as a saviour. I hope we can change the current situation because we work really hard, we fully trust all the components of this project. Our aim is clear. Nobody said it would be easy. Since the beginning of the season, when at Christmas it seemed we could go back to First Division, our words were the same, we had to keep calm because the league is complicated, tough and bad times could come. Now it’s one of those moments, perhaps one of the toughest of the season.”

He disagrees with “the team need me to win or obtain better results. Each colleague is ready to contribute, to help. I’m just another player in the squad who has come to contribute from where I can. We’ll try and play a good match and bring home 3 points,” referring to this Sunday’s game at the Carlos Tartiere in Oviedo (6 pm, Movistar Partidazo).

He stated that “we have to keep working, keep trusting every one of our team-mates, the coaching staff, the Sporting Director, Carmelo, everyone and keep moving forward.”

Carlos commented that in this final stage “each match is different. The teams at the bottom need to win to stay in the category. The teams at the top need to win to promote directly or qualify for the play-off. We have to think about the match ahead against Oviedo. If we think about this team losing, this one winning... We’ll make mistakes. We have to focus on ourselves and win our points 3 by 3.”

Although he admitted that “it’s more complicated than before, this is football. And if we, with 11 fixtures left to go, lose faith, we may as well give up. We have to believe. I’m a very positive person, very optimistic.”