Cartabia and Rubén admit there are things that need polishing

26/08/2017 23:20

Fede Cartabia and Rubén Martínez spoke to the press at Estadio Ciutat de Valencia's mixed zone.

The Argentinian admitted that “it was going our way but we must polish mistakes, because two-nil up, in First Division, if you lose focus, this happens. Rubén did really well and we had opportunities. They got into the game with a brilliant goal. Now the break is coming up to correct errors and keep on learning because we're a young group”.

The goalkeeper from Coristanco stated that “we're leaving with a hard-worked point, because we only conceded in set pieces. We have to keep on polishing details but nobody can say anything about the team's effort". Regarding the controversial action, Rubén said, “I honestly didn’t see a penalty”. Also, referring to his outstanding performance tonight, he stated “I already proved last year that I have sufficient quality to compete and be here”.