Çolak: "Dépor called me and I didn't think twice; I decided to come back home"

02/01/2020 20:45

Emre Çolak (Istanbul, Turkey, 20 May 1991) was presented to the press as RC Deportivo's new player until the end of the season.

The Turkish international first posed for the photographers with his shirt and accompanied by our chairman, Juan Antonio Armenteros.,

In the press room, the chairman confirmed that regarding his debut, "everything's ok" from a bureaucratic point of view. In fact, he highlighted that "unlike the salary cap. We hope to sign the deal with ABANCA this afternoon and everything to be ready tomorrow. Even so, we have a small margin. We also have to think about the exits. It's Christmas time...we're in permanent contact with LaLiga, but we have to take into account the moment: staff holidays..."

Çolak assured he is "happy to be here, back home. I'm going to give my best for the team. Thank you to all of those that made this signing possible."

He explained "I had some offers. Richard (Barral) called me and told me I had to help Dépor. After that call, I didn't think twice; I decided to come back home. I have a lot of respect for this city, this Club. This is my home. I am going to give my best."

He also warned that after speaking to Fernando Vázquez, he will not be in Soria and "I will begin to play from the 12th on." "I'm fine, but I need to train with the team a little. I hope to be ready as soon as possible," he added.

He admitted he does not know the Spanish second-tier competition much, "but I know the city, the team." Furthermore, he pointed out that he came across a dressing room in which "everyone has welcomed me. I already know some of them. I speak more Spanish than before and I won't have any problems adapting to them." "I'm Galician," he concluded in perfect Spanish, without the help of Batu, his interpreter.

He believes in the possibility of avoiding relegation: "I am sure. We're going to give our all on the pitch and we're going to save Dépor."

Although he confessed he had not spoken to Celso Borges, who spent New Year's Eve in A Coruña, Emre said, "I hope he comes."

After watching Deportivo's last matches, "I could see the team's current performance. This situation can happen to any team. We have lots of games left to turn this around. If we win 2 or 3 games, the atmosphere will change a lot."

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