Copa Diputacion winners, top rivals and international awards mark Deportivo ABANCA’s pre-season

02/09/2018 19:52

Deportivo ABANCA finished their pre-season in Lisbon yesterday. They have had six intensive weeks of preparation where they have won their third consecutive Copa Diputacion, played against top rivals such as Athletic Club or EDF Logroño from the Spanish Liga Iberdrola, or Sporting Braga and yesterday’s rivals, Benfica, at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon. Furthermore, some of Dépor ABANCA’s players have also won international awards such as gold medallists Teresa and Malena in the UEFA U19 Championship, and silver medallist, Nuria Rabano, in the U20 World Cup.

The overall balance of the Branquiazul Ladies’ pre-season is outstanding, given the challenge of some of their rivals and games. Manu Sanchez’s side has achieved 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw; with a total of 41 goals scored and only 10 against.

The top scorers with 4 goals were: Lia, Iris and Alba Suarez. With 3 goals: Maria Calvo, Patri Lopez, Peke and Teresa. Erika, Sara Piñeiro and Gaby scored 2, whilst Alba Merino, Carlota, Miriam, Cris, Silvia Merida, Michelle Romero, Ali Muñoz, Laura and Patri Rua scored 1.

Now, it is time to focus on the league where they will play their first Group 1 of the Second National Division match, on Sunday 9 September, at 12pm in Abegondo, against PM Friol CD Lugo.

Deportivo ABANCA’s pre-season results were as follows:

Saturday 4 August, La Eragudina (Astorga): EDF Logroño 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Lia and Alba Merino) 
Sunday 5 August (Copa Diputacion, Last-16), Anexo de As Eiroas (Carballo): Bergantiños 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 13 (Maria Calvo -2-, Erika -2-, Carlota, Iris -3-, Patri Lopez -3- and 2 own goals)
Sunday12 August (Copa Diputacion, Quarter-finals), San Pedro de Visma 1: Imperator 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 13 (Lia -2-, Peke -2-, Alba Suarez -3-, Maria Calvo, Sara Piñeiro -2-, Miriam, Cris and Silvia Merida)
Saturday 18 August, Ciudad Deportiva de Abegondo: Deportivo ABANCA 0 - Sporting Braga 3
Sunday 19 August (Copa Diputacion, Semi-finals): Deportivo ABANCA 6 (Michelle Romero, Ali Muñoz, Lia, Teresa, Gaby and Alba Suarez) - Victoria FC 0
Wednesday 22 August, Ponte dos Brozos de Arteixo, (Copa Diputacion, Final): Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Laura, Teresa, Iris and Patri Rua) - Victoria CF 0
Saturday 25 August (Trofeo Villa de Jovellanos): Deportivo ABANCA 1 (Teresa) - Athletic Club 5
Saturday 1 September, Estadio da Luz (Lisbon): Benfica 2 - Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Gaby and Peke)