Cristobal: “The lads are upset, disappointed by the way we lost”

21/01/2018 19:43

Cristobal Parralo stated at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu press room that “it’s difficult to explain to the fans when the team loses the way we did here today.”

Deportivo's coach said that “I feel responsible and now we’ll try to turn things round, and think about the next match, which is very important.”

He believes that after the second goal, Real Madrid “were very strong, they were superior and there’s very little left to say.” “The score says it all,” Cristobal concluded.

Today’s match left the coach with “a bad sensation. We came here to compete, to try and give our fans something to be happy about, to try and come out stronger for everything that’s coming. It wasn’t like that, the lads are upset, disappointed by the way we lost. We have to uplift the players, and try and get them to recover in every aspect.”

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