Cristóbal: “We have go out very motivated, very active, with very clear ideas”

22/12/2017 14:20

Cristobal Parralo stated in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room that the team is not affected by Dépor’s position in the league table, because “what we have set in our minds is tomorrow’s game and to try and win it. Grab those 3 points which are very important and try and give our fans some joy.”

Along these lines, he said, “tomorrow is the sort of match you have to leave behind anything that can condition you, and you have to focus only and exclusively on this match.”

The Deportivista coach stated, “We have go out very motivated, very active, with very clear ideas, and above all, know how to play this derby with our heads. As well as our heart, motivation...use our heads and know how to read what the game requires in each moment.”

He pointed out, “we're in a situation in which every match is extremely important. We have to compete the best way possible. We were in a similar situation against Leganes 15 days ago. Until we win two or three matches and have some sort of continuity, the situation is going to be similar each week.”

For this reason, the Deportivista coach promised, “we’re going to go out to win the game from the word go. We’re going to try and win it.” “I try to be loyal to my style and that the team is too. Then, there are always several variations,” he added.

Regarding Celta, Cristobal said, “they have very good players. They try to dominate the matches, have possession. They also have fast and very dangerous transitions when they’re dominated. They have good impact players. We're aware of their potential, and we’re going to try and counter this and impose our own game style.”

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