Cristobal: “We’re all aware of what’s on the line”

26/01/2018 19:48

With 24 hours to go before Deportivo’s home match against Levante UD (1 pm, Bein LaLiga), Cristobal Parralo stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room that, “it’s not a final, but they’re 3 crucial, important points for us. We’re all aware of what’s on the line. And that’s how we're facing the match.”

He assured, “going out to win the match is what we’re thinking about. If we win, we’ll see everything in a different way. We will be more optimistic and I’m sure this will help us face the following matches.”

He expects tomorrow’s game to be “very competitive, complicated, difficult because both teams have a lot on the line. We have to take care of the details and try to do things well throughout the whole 90 minutes to win the match.”

Regarding the January transfer window, he emphasized, “two players have come (Koval and Boveda) that enrich the squad. From there on, the Club has to be open to any possibility that could enrich the squad.”

Asked about the fans that will go to tomorrow’s match, Cristobal explained, “words aren’t enough now. We have to try and give them something so that they’ll keep on supporting us until the end. I hope we give them reasons to feel proud of us. Right now, we’re not in a situation to ask anything from them, with everything that’s happening and with our current performance.”

However, “I will respect and understand anything the fans do. As soon as we give them a little something, they will switch back on and support us all the way. What we have to do is give them something."

Asked about why Emre Çolak was dropped from the squad list, he highlighted that it was “a technical decision. Nothing else.” “There were things I didn’t like in the training session and we had already warned that if someone didn’t work as they should, it would be better not to be there and interrupt everyone else’s work,” he added.

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