Cristóbal: “We’re in no position to let points escape”

25/11/2017 18:03

Cristobal Parralo admitted in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room this morning, that the days “we’ve been working everything in general, every aspect of the game, but we have also focused on the defensive aspect because we have conceded goals every match. We have to try and not let that happen, to gain points and win games.”

Ahead of tomorrow’s game, the Deportivista coach warned, “We’re in no position to let points escape. The intention is to go out and win the game, and try an get 3 points.”

Asked about Athletic Club, tomorrow’s rival (12 pm, Bein LaLiga), and their Europa League match against Hertha BSC last Thursday, he believes, “we have to focus on the team playing like we know how to. From there on, the rival had a match on Thursday. I imagine there were players that didn’t play and will play tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. My main worry is my team.”

However, he said the Basque side “is a good team. But we cannot fear anybody. We have to go out and stamp our football, and then we’ll see what happens. We’re not afraid, what we have is respect. We’re looking to be confident in what we do and try and put our stamp.”

The Deportivista coach highlighted “we play at home. We have to try, with our fans’ support, give our all on the pitch and gain a positive result. We are aware that it should be like that. We’re going to work to try and achieve this.”

From an emotional point of view, and after last Sunday’s defeat at La Rosaleda against Malaga, he sees the team “well because they’re working well. With regard to the match, we try to learn from the mistakes made and not make them again. We’ve worked to correct them, we’ve made them watch them, and we’ve shown them. This is a process. Let’s see if the players start picking these things up. We try and make fewer mistakes each time and to be a more solid and reliable team.”

Cristobal Parralo also asked that the team “maintain the pace throught the whole match, the intensity, concentration and aggressiveness. Not get detached, which is the problem.”

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