Dani Giménez assured that "last season's fiasco is behind us"

20/07/2019 16:27

Dani Giménez explained in Abegondo's press room that even though he has recovered from the muscle injury that almost prevented him from playing the last playoff match, he is "taking precautions with that area. Everything's fine, but it gets strained. In the end, you have a scar in the affected area. I have to be careful because we haven't had much rest this summer. In the end, we've been able to disconnect but not physically rest.".

The Deportivista keeper assured, "everyone that was here last year is aware that we are facing a very long season where we will suffer but also have happy moments."

He believes the team is doing "very well. The players that were here last season are soaking up the new players' excitement, enthusiasm and competitiveness. Last season's fiasco is behind us in the sense of it affecting us. Obviously there are negative aspects there that we must improve."

He acknowledged that last season the team "found it tough to go out and win and we played seeing how the game would play out. The matches against Mallorca and Málaga were like that. I hope that for the future, with new players and renewed ambition, the mistakes we've made will make us braver and want to be in control of the match."

On the other hand, he highlighted that with José Luis Martí, "the team learnt how to suffer a lot. We would win the games away from the ABANCA-RIAZOR with very few shots on target, suffering, defending."

He confessed that these days "we've spoken a little about the blow we received" at the Son Moix, but "we're already focused on this season. It's what there is."

Regarding Anquela, he explained, "I love the way he is and he gives the team something that was missing: those 4 or 5 things that you need. A team must be solid, competitive, every player must know their role. When you have doubts it's always hard to develop your game."

Although Dani Giménez was a regular last season, he stated, "this is football and you can't let your guard down. Many people may believe I have a certain advantage, but that's not the case. I have to earn my place in every training session and every match."

Regarding his future, he recalled, "last year when I came here, I said that the decision to come here on a personal level wasn't the most comfortable one but it was the best decision. Looking back, I wasn't wrong. If you're comfortable in a place, whether you play or not, if you're comfortable...a step forward in my career is to stay here. I'm going to be 36, I'm fit, I work well here. This year we're going to have a goalkeeping department that's going to work very hard. My decision was clear from the very beginning, I'm staying here."