Dani Gimenez believes the competition is “very equal”, which means “if you fall asleep, you’ll suffer”

22/11/2018 20:11

Dani Gimenez stated in Abegondo’s press room this morning that the team is well aware that LaLiga 1|2|3 “is very equal.”

However, in his opinion, “we have a little more quality, just like Las Palmas, Malaga or even Osasuna, that are proving to have significant players these last fixtures. But that level means that if you fall asleep, you’ll suffer.”

The Branquiazul goalkeeper thinks that Deportivo “must focus on having the ball. At the end of the day it pauses the game and allows you to not be as tired towards the end of the match. We can see that when we have the ball, we dominate the game, the rivals suffer, especially in the last minutes of the match. When they want to react, they can't.”

He urges the team to be “stronger on the one-on-ones. It’s not a matter of wanting to be stronger, because people want to. It’s true that sometimes others’ characteristics, such as Almeria who press a lot, Osasuna who have some powerful players, or Alcorcon who like to play fast and 1v1... We have to match that intensity and we have a little more quality that can help us resolve situations better.”

He defended his teammates’ work: “We’re a team that run a lot. What we must understand is that reacting a little sooner, or reacting with more intensity, we run less.”

Dani insisted that this season “is going to be level until the end. Some people say that Alcorcon doesn’t have a squad, they’ll go down... I want to climb thanks to our good work, not because of someone else's bad work. Granada have young, hungry players; Almeria and Osasuna... Just like us. The ambition to achieve the promotion forces you to maintain the level. Some teams may distance themselves. But it’s very unlikely for a team to always win. We have a very good average and it’s good enough to be first or second. It’s going to be like this until the end of the season.”

He also pointed out “if we improve away and maintain the same performance level as in the ABANCA-RIAZOR, we will be in the top spots. I think that the idea of distancing ourselves, like Levante did a few years ago, is going to be impossible this year.”

He acknowledged “there are things we have to improve in our away games. At home we play with our supporters, the rival is conditioned because ABANCA-RIAZOR is big. They know we’re more daring with the ball when we play at home.”

He highlighted “every team plays differently away to how they play at home. The good thing is we have the ability for that not to happen.”

He warned that the teams’ squads can be deceiving “as you don’t count on certain type of players because you don’t know them. Really, they’re players that will be in competitive First Division teams in a couple of years. We think it’s a surprise, but they’re teams that are playing their game and achieving their results until the end of the season.”

Regarding Osasuna, this Saturday’s rival at the ABANCA-RIAZOR (6 pm. Movistar Partidazo), Dani Gimenez emphasized that “they’re getting better each time. In the last matches you can picture them as a serious contender for promotion.”