Dani Gimenez, David Simon and Vicente Gomez agree that a draw was fair

03/11/2018 23:45

Captain Dani Gimenez, and former UD Las Palmas players David Simon and Vicente Gomez spoke to the press at the Gran Canaria stadium's mixed zone.

The Galician keeper does not think that “Las Palmas did more to win the match.”

He believes that there was “a lot of respect between two of the greatest in this tier. Thanks to Las Palmas’ individualities and the fact we pushed until the end, we were able to draw.”

Dani Gimenez stated “we lacked effectiveness in the first half. Their goal in the second half changes the scheme. Perhaps we played more with our hearts than with our heads. A match between two top rivals, with a lot of respect and we’re bring back a draw, which seen from the outside isn’t that bad.”

David Simon who had to receive 3 stitches on his left eye confessed, “I was a little dizzy at the beginning because I was elbowed hard. I’ll need stitches in the end, but I’m fine.”

He pointed out that the match “was special after having spent so many years here. It was even. In the second half, after their goal, we pressed high and they had some counters. We had many chances and the draw was fair.”

David Simon says that scoring in the last minute feels “nice”. “We insisted in creating chances, trying until the last second. This year we’ve sometimes experienced the contrary. Now it's our turn. We have to always insist until the end,” he added.

Finally, Vicente Gomez shared his sensations after returning to the Gran Canaria for the first time as a rival: “Weird, everything was very weird. Getting dressed here (referring to Dépor’s dressing room), warming up on the other side of the pitch. I made some good moves in the first minute, so I focused on playing. I had a good match and I’m happy because the team were able to draw in a ground that we know that few teams are going to gain points in.”

Regarding the match, he emphasized, “both goals came when the other side was playing better.” Today’s draw, for the Branquiazul midfielder, “is a prize for having insisted. We especially insisted on trying to score in the first half.”

Vicente leaves what was his home “very happy because we know it a very difficult, very complicated ground. If we’re able to beat Oviedo at home, this point will brilliant. We’ll be leaving a direct rival further behind.”

However, he recalled, “although we’d all like to be at the very top, it’s an anecdote. This is going to be very long. It's all wrapped up. We have to try and get to the direct promotion option at the last stage and then see if we're able to mark the difference with the team we have. We’re talking about May, June. We have to take each day as it comes along, position ourselves well, carry on having good sensations and see where the competition places us.”