Dani Gimenez: “Sometimes you follow your heart and other reasons become secondary”

23/05/2018 20:29

Dani Gimenez, Deportivo’s first signing for the 2017-18 season, stated in his unveiling in Abegondo’s press room, that “I have received a lot of affection. Yesterday I was speaking to a fan and I was surprised how he spoke about the team, of this year’s situation, which hasn’t been pleasant. They’re already thinking about the promotion and filling Riazor. For a new player that has just come, even though I know the city well, it’s always a joy and exciting to see this.”

Accompanied by the Board Director, Daniel Ramos, and the Sporting Director, Carmelo del Pozo, he insisted, “I’m very happy for being here.” He said the negotiation “was quite fast because both of us (Club and players) wanted this to happen soon. As soon as I had the possibility of coming to Dépor, I did everything I could to come. Sometimes, despite it not being the most comfortable option, there's something that tells you it’s going to be the best place. Carmelo being here also adds value. I trust what he does, his way of working.”

In spite of not knowing who the coach is, Dani Gimenez joked “I haven’t even tried getting it out of him” (referring to Carmelo), “I’m just happy he is here. To be honest, I don’t need to know who is coming if he is here.”

He then pointed out, “for me, it would have been more comfortable to stay in Seville, or go abroad, or other options in a better division. I value Dépor higher than other teams in First Division and funnily enough we’re in Second. As a Galician, as a football follower and as someone who knows the team since I was a boy, I know what Dépor can give me and I was eager to come back home. Everything played an important role in coming here. Sometimes you follow your heart and other reasons become secondary. I’m not going to regret it. Carmelo isn’t going to bringing me either. I’m going to give a lot. I’m excited as if I were a kid, despite already having a career and experience.”

He spoke of the fact he was born in Vigo and how he is a Deportivista now: “We’re born in a city and we then have to develop our career, our life. Some people may like it more or less. I’m very happy to be here. I’m going to give my all for Dépor, as I’ve always done throughout my career. I’m very confident about what I can give the team. I’m sure that if there are people that don’t like where I was born, they will forget about it once they see my commitment.”

He is not afraid of the pressure a goalkeeper has, especially since this season that has just finished, Dépor has had five: “I come from a club (Betis) in which you’re examined every day, even in the training sessions. It's tremendous pressure. I believe that with my way of being and from what I’ve learnt in the past years, I will handle it well. Whatever happened before I came doesn’t concern me and I’m sure it’s not going to affect me. I’m going to concentrate on my work, I’m confident in what I’m going to do, in what the team is going to do. I’m sure Dépor is going to fight to achieve the goal which is the promotion. Every player is going to contribute to achieve this.”

As an important figure in Betis’ dressing room, he highlighted “I don’t believe much in figures. I don't believe that a team is going to change because there’s a figure in the dressing room. It has to involve many more people. When things go badly, the dressing room is mostly blamed... Sometimes things just don’t turn out, you get into a sticky situation that’s difficult to come out of, very critical, with lack of confidence, and yes, you need a push from certain teammates to see you’re worth more than what you’re demonstrating. I’m the way I am. I always try and help my teammates, I’ve always tried to create a comfortable environment for the people that work with us, the people in the Club. Being a tight group, being a family, is the way to achieve objectives better. If you get along with who you work with, you’re going to work better. To talk about being a leader now is silly. Let's hope we don’t need any leader and we all go upwards and onwards. That would be ideal.”

His personal challenge is “the same as the team’s. Evidently, I want to play everything, I don’t want to concede any goals and I want Deportivo to promote to First Division. I take each day as it comes along otherwise everything else wears you out and gets you nowhere. I will try to do my best every day, help as much as I can in whichever tier we’re in. My personal objective is the same as the team’s, to promote to First,”

He confessed he is looking forward to being in Dépor’s line-up, “but that happens in every team. I’ve always been competitive, but only one goalkeeper can play. The honest way of this profession is to try and work as much as you can every day and always be fit to play. It’s a position that can change your life from one day to the next. I’ve come here to be important and to compete. My teammate is going to have to work a lot to overtake me.”