David Simon believes, “We’re on the right track”

30/10/2018 20:42

David Simon was the centre of attention in Abegondo’s pressroom this morning.

The Branquiazul right-back who comes from the ranks of UD Las Palmas, Deportivo’s rival this Saturday (8:30 pm Mainland Spain, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV), admitted it is going to be a special game because “I was in that team for many years. But now I’m a Dépor player and we’re going there to bring back 3 points.”

He has good memories “of everything I learnt there, the sacrifice. In the end I had my chance and I became a role model for the youth players.”

He insisted that there are no hard feelings: “It’s in the past. I live the present. I’m more comfortable here as each day goes by. I’m going to look out for what’s important for me. Deportivo achieving its objectives is what’s most important for me.”

He explained that after many years in UD Las Palmas, “many of us homegrown players achieved really good things, and there were many of us. The highest achievements. A change was needed. When you’re there for a very long time, it feels like the burden is always for the same people. That for me is in the past. I am grateful for everything, the opportunity they gave me, the way they treated me. But the cycle came to an end. In the end you have to look out for yourself. It’s the best thing I did because I’m very happy.”

The moment he steps on Estadio Gran Canaria’s pitch, David Simon said he is going to feel “something I never imagined 1 or 2 seasons ago; playing on that pitch with another team’s strip. It’s going to be a beautiful match between two great teams, and very exciting.”

Asked about how he thinks UD Las Palmas’ supporters will receive him, he highlighted, “Vicente and I were great professionals. Things can go well or badly, but in the professional aspect, both of us were impeccable.”

In his opinion, Las Palmas “is a team that’s hoping to get promoted. They have really good players, a great team. It’s going to be a beautiful game.” In fact, alongside the Malaga match, “one of the most beautiful matches” of this league, he added.

He believes “both of us are the teams to beat in this division. My bet is on Deportivo who have built a team of very experienced players where not many stand out from the rest. That’s the best thing to form a tight group. In the end it can prove to be very effective.”

The months he has spent in A Coruña have reinforced his decision to have left his local club: “Just as well I came here. It’s been a positive change for me, for my family, and especially football-wise. This decision was the correct one and I’m still growing.”

With Dépor in the top positions and so far, David Simon as a regular right-back, the Deportivista defender emphasized, “I feel comfortable here. I was surprised by the people, by the way they treat you. I only have to work to return their trust.”

Along these lines, he confessed he is “happy with the team in general, with my teammates. Everyone works. The ones that are playing the least continue to work hard. That’s how you achieve things. We’ll all have our moment. At the moment, the one that’s playing has to continue giving his all so that the one behind him doesn’t take his position. The common objective is the team. Right now, we’re on the right track.”

For this long season he hopes the team “does not lose the top spots at any time, to always be there. And when the time is right, give the needed push to gain our objective. We’re on it.”

Regarding the standings, David Simon thinks that all the teams that relegated from first division (Malaga, Las Palmas and Deportivo) “did well and are at the top fighting for promotion. There will be other strong teams further on. Everything is very even. What’s most important is maintaining regularity. In that aspect, we can achieve it.”

On a personal level, he feels “good” even though “both I and the entire team have to carry on working hard because there are times it’s a pleasure to watch this team play. If we manage to maintain this for a long time, we could be a brilliant team.”

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