Dépor ABANCA achieve their second back-to-back win (2-1)

13/12/2020 14:36

Deportivo ABANCA achieved its second back-to-back win against EDF Logroño who scored the opener shortly after the second half began, however, the Branquiazuis made a great comeback thanks to goals by Athenea and Peke.

Despite the game being very level, the team from Rioja had the best chances in the first half. In the 13th minute, Olga García took a direct free-kick that forced Noe Bermúdez to dive. The ball fell at Julie Tavlo's feet who smashed it onto the crossbar. In the 22nd minute, the referee disallowed a goal by Jade, due to being offside. Four minutes later, Noelia Villegas cleared the ball off the goal line after EDF Logroño's captain had dribbled over the Deportivista goalkeeper. Moments later, the visitor's centre-back, Inés, had another goal disallowed, also for offside, as the ball was lobbed into the 6-yard box from a free-kick.

The Branquiazuis had a very clear opportunity just after half an hour. Cris crossed from the right, Peke flicked it back at the near post and Gaby, who was unmarked in the penalty area, failed to poke the ball into the back of the net. The interval came with a goalless draw but with EDF Logroño being the clear dominators of the game.

Deportivo ABANCA began the second half much better. However, EDF Logroño took the lead in a set-piece action. It was the 52nd minute when the referee signalled a corner in a decision that Noelia Villegas passionately disagreed with. The corner kick was cleared by Noe Bermúdez, as it almost slipped in past the front post. The ensuing commotion in the area was resolved by Julie Tavlo scoring the opener of the game.

The Deportivistas quickly overcame the setback, taking the reins of the game, and playing more intensely. It didn't take long for the equaliser to come, as Athenea beat Pamela Tajonar in the 70th minute. The Spanish international let Peke's low and powerful cross from the right run between her legs and flicked it in with her right heel. The shot surprised Tajonar who, despite getting her fingertips to it, saw how it slipped meekly into her goal.

Deportivo ABANCA, from then on, dominated the match. Manu Sánchez's players eagerly sought the goal that would grant them a new victory. And in the 84th minute, the winning goal came mirroring the first one. Lía thread the ball to Athenea on the right and her low cross to the back post was comfortably tucked in by Peke.

Deportivo ABANCA: Noelia Bermúdez, Cris, Ainoa, Blanco, Noelia Villegas, Iris, Arbeláez (Michelle Romero, min. 67), Alba Merino (Lía, min. 80), Gaby, Athenea and Peke.

EDF Logroño: Tajonar, Caracas, Inés, Marta Cazalla, Leti, Vilakazi (Asantewaa, min. 64), Chini, Tavlo, Carol (Silvia Ruiz, min. 74), Olga García (Rebecca Guehai, min. 20) and Jade.

Goals: 0-1 Tavlo (min. 52); 1-1 Athenea (min. 70); 2-1 Peke (min. 84).

Referee: Arregui Gamir (Basque) booked Caracas (min. 36), Alba Merino (min. 41) and Ainoa (min. 90+1).

Incidents: Matchweek 11 of the Primera Iberdrola league in Abegondo with a limit of 150 spectators. 

RCD / J11 Primera División Femenina

2-1 Go Live
  • Noe Bermúdez
  • Stephanie Blanco
  • Ainoa
  • Cristina Martínez
  • Villegas
  • Athenea
  • Carolina Arbeláez (66')
  • Alba M. (81')
  • Iris Arnaiz
  • Ainize Barea
  • Gabriela García


  • Kika Moreno
  • Patricia López
  • Carlota Sánchez
  • Rosalia Muiño (82')
  • Michelle Romero (66')
  • Helena Torres
  • Lady Andrade
  • Lorena Bedoya
  • Jessica Carro
  • T. Alonso
  • Cazalla
  • Leti
  • Inés
  • Daniela Caracas
  • Chini
  • Nothando Vilakazi (64')
  • Julie Tavlo-Petersson
  • Carol (74')
  • Jade
  • Olga García (19')


  • Judith
  • Ana V.
  • Isabel
  • Ida Guehai (20')
  • Grace Asantewaa (65')
  • Silvia Ruiz (74')
  • Rebecca Elloh




  • 0-1 (52'). Cazalla
  • 1-1 (70'). Athenea
  • 2-1 (83'). Ainize Barea


Beatriz Arregui Gamir awarded Alba M. (41'), Ainoa (91') from Deportivo Abanca y Daniela Caracas (36') from EDF Logroño.