Dépor ABANCA promote to the Liga Iberdrola (1-4)

19/05/2019 14:24

Deportivo ABANCA have made history in Gran Canaria this afternoon by promoting to Spain's top-flight competition, after defeating CD Femarguín 1-4, with an aggregate result of 1-6.

The game began the best possible way, with a goal by Gaby in the 6th minute that forced the Canarian team to score four to turn the tie around. A long-range free-kick taken by Patri Diaz was headed twice by the Venezuelan forward, in order to overcome the Femarguín centre-backs, and drive a low shot past Aco.

Not even 5 minutes had gone by when the Branquiazuis extended their lead thanks to Hari's own goal, who put the ball into the back of the net after several rebounds from a very tight corner taken by Teresa Abelleira.

At the half-hour mark, Femarguín narrowed the lead with a direct free-kick lobbed in by Carla that went straight into the back of Miralles’ goal.

Peke had two great chances during the first half's added time: the first came from a sublime pass by Teresa, but her shot went wide, whilst the second effort came from Cris' cross which our number 18 volleyed, but Aco caught with ease.

If there was any chance of Dépor ABANCA doubting themselves, it completely dissipated as soon as the second half began. After a throw-in, Peke overtook her mark, Sara, and alone against Aco, fired a powerful shot which the goalkeeper deflected, but the Branquiazul striker reacted quickly and headed it in.

With Femarguín stung and luck on our side, Gaby increased the advantage by netting in the fourth, as Aco's deflection rebounded on the Venezuelan forward’s body into the back of the net. At that moment, with 40 minutes still left, both the tie and the game were sealed. There were very few chances from then on, except for some attempts by Dépor ABANCA in the final minutes, by means of Michelle Romero or Nuria.

CD Femarguín: Aco, Carla, Sara, Lorena, Hari (Zule, min. 15), Cinthya, Chami, Eli (Mawi, min. 64), Zaira, Nayara and Kia.

Deportivo ABANCA: Miralles, Cris, Silvia Mérida (Raquel, min. 46), Iris, Patri Díaz, Teresa Abelleira, Lía (Kika, min. 82), Alba Merino, Maya Yamamoto (Nuria, min. 75), Peke (Michelle Romero, min. 87) and Gaby.

Goals: 0-1 Gaby (min. 6); 0-2 Hari, own goal (min. 10); 1-2 Carla (min. 30); 1-3 Peke (min. 47); 1-4 Gaby (min. 51).

Referee: Alicia Espinosa Ríos (Madrid) booked Silvia Mérida (min. 29), Kia (min. 56), Alba Merino (min. 61), Chami (min. 64) and Zaira (min. 71).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the second leg of the playoffs to promote to the Liga Iberdrola at the Municipal stadium of Arguineguín. Attendance: 1,500 spectators.

Almost 32 years after Karbo Deportivo’s last match in the Copa de la Reina, the only national competition then, Deportivo ABANCA takes A Coruña women’s football to Spain’s top-flight competition, after finishing the season with 29 wins and 1 draw out of the 30 matches played.

These are the season’s results for Manu Sánchez’s side:

Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Lía and Peke) - CPM Friol CD Lugo 2
Victoria CF 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 7 (Teresa, Michelle Romero, Peke, Iris, Lía, Gaby and 1 own goal)
Deportivo ABANCA 9 (Peke, Érika, Teresa, Iris -3-, Silvia Mérida and Kika -2-) - CD Monte 0
Atlético Arousana 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 8 (Érika, Peke, Teresa -2-, Gaby -2-, Carlota and 1 own goal)
Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Gaby -2-, Miriam and Kika -2-) - CDE Rácing Féminas 1
Sporting de Gijón 3 - Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Michelle Romero -2-, Peke and Alba Merino)
Deportivo ABANCA 7 (Gaby -5-, Alba Merino and Érika) - Gijón FF 0
CD Valladares 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Michelle Romero, Ali, Nuria Rábano -2- and Peke)
Deportivo ABANCA 8 (Ali Muñoz -2-, Kika -2-, Gaby, Alba Merino, Erika and Yamamoto) - CD Oceja 1
Victoria FC 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Alba Merino, Gaby and Peke -2-)
Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Peke, Yamamoto, Alba Merino, Gaby and 1 own goal) - Sárdoma CF 0
Deportivo ABANCA 12 (Teresa -2-, Yamamoto, Alba Merino -3-, Peke, Gaby -3- and Ali Muñoz -2-) - SCD Atlántida de Matamá 0
Oviedo Moderno CF 1 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Miriam, Gaby and Peke)
CPM Friol CD Lugo 2 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Gaby, Teresa and Peke)
Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Gaby and Peke) - Victoria CF 0
CD Monte 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Iris, Kika and 1 own goal)
Deportivo ABANCA 14 (Michelle Romero -2-, Alba Merino -3-, Teresa, Yamamoto -2-, Ali Muñoz, Gaby -3-, Nuria and 1 own goal) - Atlético Arousana 0
CDE Racing Féminas 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Michelle Romero and Alba Merino -2-)
Deportivo ABANCA 7 (Alba Merino, Michelle Romero, Peke, Lía, Nuria, Ali Muñoz and 1 own goal) - Sporting de Gijón 0
Gijón FF 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 9 (Michelle Romero -2-, Peke -3-, Gaby, Iris, Ali Muñoz and Yamamoto)
Deportivo ABANCA 11 (Peke -5-, Laura, Iris, Yamamoto, Michelle Romero and Alba Merino -2) - CD Valladares 0
CD Oceja 1 - Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Alba Merino, Iris and Peke -3-)
Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Lía, Laura, Gaby and Ali Muñoz) - Victoria FC 1
Sárdoma CF 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Peke -2-, Gaby, Patri López and Teresa)
SCD Atlántida de Matamá 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 1 (Gaby)
Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Yamamoto, Gaby -2- and Silvia Mérida) - Oviedo Moderno CF 1
Alhama 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 1 (Yamamoto)
Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Teresa, Gaby, Peke, Mérida and Yamamoto) - Alhama 1
Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Peke and Nuria) - Femarguín 0
Femarguín 1 - Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Gaby -2-, Peke and 1 own goal)