Dépor and Dépor ABANCA players went as the Three Kings to A Coruña hospitals

03/01/2018 21:37

The Three Kings were Branquiazul today for A Coruña’s youngest patients. Several first team snd Dépor ABANCA players visited the children's hospitals in A Coruña (Hospital Materno Infantil and Maternidad HM Belen) after the training session, to bear Deportivista gifts, joy and happiness to those children who, unfortunately, will have to spend these days in hospital.

Pedro Mosquera, Lucas Perez, Florin Andone, Fernando Navarro, Borja Valle, Luisinho, Bruno Gama, Iris, Lia, Miriam, Peke, Nuria and Malena were in charge of spreading Branquiazul joy amongst the children, their families and the medical staff.

The players, who were accompanied at all times by the Board Directors, Martin Pita and Daniel Ramos, and the Social Responsibility Director, Gelines Romero, visited every room.

Surprised and happy, every boy and girl received presents such as footballs, scarves, folders, pencil cases, bracelets... Even some parents, who were very grateful, promised to become part of #ANOSAFORZA as soon as they leave the hospital.

There were smiles, photographs and a blue-and-white gift for everyone, including the doctors and nurses.

Even Lucia, a young teenager, was left flabbergasted as she came out of the operating theatre and the players asked her how she was and wished her a speedy recovery.

An emotional morning for everyone present in a yearly essential event.