Dépor are on a roll (0-3)

11/09/2021 19:54

Over a decade has passed since Dépor had such a great start to the season, and Borja Jiménez's lads are on a roll as they brought back 3 points from Castejón. The only downside was Jaime Sánchez's injury during the warm-up which forced Trigueros to step up and take his place in the back four.

The Branquiazuis scored another early goal this week, just after the 5th minute, which saw Quiles fire a sweet left-footed shot into the back of the net. However, this was just the opener as the lads were hungry for more. 

CD Calahorra tried to retaliate, and put Mackay to work as he was forced to dive and save two low shots in the 11th minute, and again, in the 17th minute. With just over ten minutes before the half-time whistle, Miku netted in the second from the edge of the 6-yard box.

Dépor controlled most of the second half and it looked like the match was going to finish with the same score as the end of the first half. But, in the 3rd minute of stoppage time, Noel scored the third and final goal and celebrated the best start to the season in many years with the fans in that same end.

CD Calahorra: Iricibar, Rodríguez (Imanol Barace, min. 86), Ugarte, Cristián Fernández, Zabaleta, Jesús Álvarez, Aguado, Madrazo (David Soto min. 57), Manuel Ramírez (Álex Arias, min. 57), Vicente (David Grande, min. 69) and Yurrebaso (Jorge Martínez, min. 57).                                

RC Deportivo: Mackay, Víctor García (Borja Granero, min. 82), Lapeña, Trigueros, Héctor, Álex, Rafa de Vicente, Juergen (Aguirre, min. 82), Doncel (Mario Soriano, min. 61), Quiles (Noel, min. 82) and Miku (Villares, min. 71)

Goals: 0-1 Quiles (min. 6); 0-2 Miku (min. 34); 0-3 Noel (min. 90+3)

Referee: Etayo Herrera (Basque) booked Miku (min. 42), Lapeña (min. 79), and Noel (90+3)

Incidents: Third fixture of the Primera RFEF which took place at the Estadio de la Planilla with 200 Deportivistas in one of the ends.