Fede Cartabia and Zakaria Bakkali both highlight the team's good progress

25/07/2017 23:34

Fede Cartabia and Zakaria Bakkali were the centre of attention in Estadio de Pasaron’s mixed zone.

The Argentinian forward described the Luis Otero Trophy as “a more serious match, against a more difficult team. We’ve been working well and we proved it. We have to continue this way”.

Furthermore, he stated, “it’s important to win. We’ve won every game by a lot. Today we proved it again. This is the way. We have to continue working every day”.

On a personal level, Fede Cartabia stated that he is “fine; playing matches. I’m still not there yet, but working I’ll get there”.

He explained that the team “has characteristics to maintain the ball. Most of us are short. We benefit from it. I hope we give our all at trainings. Pepe Mel wants us to maintain the ball and let's hope we are fine at the start of the league, because it's an important match”.

Zakaria Bakkali who scored a brace today, explained that there was a good feeling: “We’ve won every match. The sensations are good”.

On a personal level, the Belgian international feels “comfortable. I’m happy to be here with this team”.

He revealed that Pepe Mel wants him to “break lines” and, even though he prefers to play in the wing, he said he didn’t mind where regarding these matches in which he played as a striker.